A World In Transition

Many today wonder what is going on around the world. It appears socialistic principles are transforming the whole world. Over the most recent years, democratic “free market” nations have purchased overwhelming portions of their own business sectors and treasury bonds under the notion of saving the global economies. Is this a real solution? Or is there a more sinister motive working behind the scenes?


A World In Transition

A Prophetic Seasonal Change?


What Is Going On?


Many today wonder what is going on around the world. It appears socialistic principles are transforming the whole world. Over the most recent years, democratic “free market” nations have purchased overwhelming portions of their own business sectors and treasury bonds under the notion of saving the global economies. Is this a real solution? Or is there a more sinister motive working behind the scenes?

Some of the most outlandish acquisitions and international “currency counterfeiting” ever to occur in Western free market democratic economies have been conducted over the last few years! It is amazingly outlandish because of the unbridled printing of money and business takeovers that have been so blatant and out in the open. Here in the United States, the big insurance conglomerate, AIG, has been “bailed out” by government funds. General Motors, recently subsidized (or acquired, depending on your point of view) by the US government, is now called, sarcastically, “Government Motors.” Abraham Lincoln once said that if the United States and its free market ways were to fail, it would most assuredly begin from within. It appears that statement was more prophetic than even he imagined!

How did this happen? More importantly, why is it happening concurrently, around the world? These are complex and multi-faceted questions having to do with a relentless well orchestrated and thought-out conspiracy—that’s right, I said “conspiracy”—that has been going on for a long time. Surprisingly, the patterns are traceable back to the origins of mankind. The strategy has been much the same over the centuries, causing God to flood the world during the time of Noah and then again, cause confusion when He confounded the languages at the tower of Babel. What is this strategy? It’s been mankind’s consistent sins and endeavor to “centralize” his hegemony, culture, and political  power across international lines. It’s been going on since humanity began to organize into social structures—a tireless effort to achieve a one-world order that spans generations and millennia.

How Does This Happen?

The historical record of this human effort to centralize power has been highly influenced by mankind’s carnal nature. In the book of James we read, “From whence come wars and fightings among you? Come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war…. Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts” (James 4:1–3). This fundamental element within our carnal nature is core to what drives humanity to “nationalize” his social systems.

At the heart of some of the world’s most horrendous dictators, tyrants, and socialists was the insatiable appetite for power and control. Again, notice what James says: “Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth enviously” (James 4:5)? Undeniably, the Scripture is right! Our spirit does lust enviously for things which belong to others. This has been at the basis of all warfare and control for cultural and social dominance throughout humanity’s history.

Presently, tensions of war, regime changes in the Middle East, and a resurgence of terrorist threats are building again. How and why is this happening? There are many causes “in play” that contribute to the surrounding geopolitical stress—far too many to enumerate in this short booklet. However, it is interesting to consider some principles and trends that have been instrumental in developing the conditions we find ourselves in today. Perhaps if we can understand the principles at work and trends that are unfolding, we’ll be able to improve our insight about where all this is leading, who’s behind it, and how it connects up with the prophetic words of God.

Understanding Some Principles at Work

There is a new term becoming more prominently used among what formerly were free-market nations. It’s called state capitalism! This term is growing among free world economies because it best describes what is happening, and is more politically correct and acceptable than the real term, socialism. Due much to the economic intercourse with communist and socialist nations like China, Russia, Venezuela, and a variety of others, this term is now becoming more widely adopted for obvious reasons: it’s more politically acceptable.

This incrementally improved political expansionism with socialist nations over the last two to three decades especially, in combination with the continuing emergence of these new markets, has resulted in accelerated motivation to develop greater trading relationships. This has underscored the reason for much of the progress in this area. Specifically, in China’s case for example, they now own over a trillion dollars in US treasuries, and together with the US, continue to account for approximately 35 percent of the world’s GDP! Presently, Chinese exports to the United States alone amount to approximately 7.0 to 9.0 percent of China’s GDP.

Actually, you could make the case that this imbalance of trade between China and the United States also had a contributing role in the present “global economic meltdown.” We shouldn’t forget that as far back as 2002, US monetary policy stimulated an excessive US demand for goods, which served as an expanded market outlet for an equally excessive Chinese supply of goods. Beijing directly contributed to the prevalence of “loose money” in the US by recycling US dollars earned from their trade into US bonds. This strategy came from Beijing due to their decision to keep China’s capital account closed and the yuan, China’s currency, not freely convertible. They did this to avoid revaluating their currency. Obviously, this gave them the competitive trading advantage they were determined to maintain.

However, what many in the free world don’t realize is that when you conduct trade with socialist/communist nations, you’re doing business with and contributing to the success of the national political agendas of those in “state” (government) power. The reason for this is because so many of the companies are federally subsidized by the state, or government—hence the new term, states capitalism. Much of the broad based economic policies of growth in many of today’s nations throughout the world are currently led explicitly by the state, fueled through investments by state-owned entities, and accompanied by powerful regulatory legislation intended to ensure the government’s dominance of the economy. This arrangement and structure ultimately leads to the destruction of the free market, because the private business sector cannot legally compete or “size up” to the unfair marketing advantage the government has over private business. Cuba in years past, and presently the revivals of socialist policies in Brazil, Venezuela, and Russia, are good examples of this.

This alleged new state capitalist model—in plain English, socialism—is fast becoming the dominant global economic model among many nations of the world. Now, you may ask, why is this? And the answer to that is simply because certain trends are becoming apparent. Ostensibly, it’s becoming more obvious that in order to compete in the global economic community of commerce, business must be conducted differently. This major difference is due essentially to the vast amounts of socialistic political activity and principles implemented into the private sector of the business community around the world; but additionally, and more importantly, this encroachment has resulted in national (government) wealth funds, otherwise known as sovereign wealth funds. The development of this new type of financial portfolio is a serious threat to the free market capitalist model. Let me explain.

Many things have contributed to this, but there is one fundamental item that has given rise to this kind of national or state wealth fund that in the past was not available in the quantities it is today for these developing socialist states. It’s real simple: money! That’s right, Western revenue from the free markets is now shifting to parts of the world that never in their history had such prodigious amounts of disposable cash and capital. This trend is reshaping the international, political, and economic landscape. The Western “free market” model is under fire and fast becoming outdated and marginalized due to this and the enormous amount of accrued debt. It is having trouble competing with these changing economic trends that are redefining the way the world does business. State capitalism is fast becoming the new model and the fashionable way to structure your national economy if, as a nation-state in the community of the “world’s order,” you want to compete in the global market.

There are many young governments that have launched into some very progressive (liberal) reforms, which have been instrumental in driving their economic engines, and developing into some formidable markets. Today, the reality is, emerging international markets like Abu Dhabi, Ankara, Saudi Arabia, Beijing, Brasilia, Mexico City, Moscow, and New Delhi make economic decisions about strategic markets. This trend has given rise to a new design of global competition that is not so much between political/ideological rivals anymore, but instead, competing economic models. When you merge economic policies of these particular types of trading partners whose obvious political agendas are in the backdrop, it makes for a whole new set of winners and losers. And that is what we are now beginning to see take place.

With the present worldwide financial crisis and international recession, the conditions have been exacerbated, opening up extraordinary opportunities for state-managed capitalism (socialism) to become a potent challenger to the free market capitalist system the West has been so used to over the last century, with the United States setting the course (which is no longer the case since the US has become the world’s largest debtor nation!) Remember what God warned to those who would concede to borrowing from others? “He [foreigners] shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him: he [foreigners] shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail” (Deuteronomy 28:44). In Proverbs we are also reminded that the “borrower is servant to he that lends” (Proverbs 22:7).

An example of how state capitalism affects the world can be understood by examining the present circumstances surrounding the oil industry. When those of us in the West think of big oil companies, we think of Chevron, Exxon, Mobil, or perhaps Shell. These are the big multi-national companies of the West. But these are hardly comparable to some of the largest government owned oil companies of the world. Incredibly, sovereign state governments own the 13 largest oil companies of the world. For instance, Aramco is owned by Saudi Arabia; Iran has the National Iranian Oil Company; Gazprom and Rosneft are owned by Russia; China has the National Petroleum Corporation; Malaysia has Petronas; and Brazil has Petrobras. All of these, to mention a few, are owed by their governments. All of them have been nationalized to varying degrees.

The magnitude of this trend can only be realized by comparing the size of market share between the privately owned oil corporations (multi-national companies) with the state owned companies. The privately held companies presently produce only 10 percent of the world’s oil and hold only three percent of the world’s reserves. Comparably, the state owned oil companies produce and hold in reserve 75 percent of the global oil supply! But this is only the tip of the iceberg—it gets more stunning and sobering!

Understand that the oil industry is only one business sector. Unfortunately, for the free capitalist model, state owned corporations are now expanding into a variety of additional business sectors, from steel, power, mining, port management, shipping, aviation, automotive, telecommunications, heavy machinery, toys, and yes, even weapons sales. This growing number of government business “mergers” obviously adds to the leverage of bolstering political positions of these nation-states, which strengthens the growing state capitalist or socialist trends presently underway.

Another Troubling Worldwide Socialist Trend

This has led to another serious and troubling trend confronting free market capitalism—it’s called state funded business consolidation, or perhaps more correctly, business monopolization. This is an extremely distressing principle that has developed, empowering these emerging worldwide socialist initiatives!

What this means is, state capitalist or socialist nations are no longer satisfied with just competing on the economic level. Instead, they are intent on using their market dominance to further their political agendas. This is accomplished by leveraging the economic influences of the state owned enterprises that operate within the nation-states they do business with. In so doing, they are able to gain control of certain markets, generate enough revenue to buy out whole business sectors, or acquire assets of the “host” nation under the guise of “development,” similar to what China is presently doing in parts of Africa. The obvious result is that over years of economic intercourse, political influence is steered toward favoring policies that generate more profits through trade or economics, which then ultimately results in political compromises, thus leading to government policy changes of the host nation. It acts just like a virus or the proverbial “Trojan horse!”

How does it work? These state owned companies help facilitate these initiatives by providing government money to consolidate. For instance, consider Angola’s Endiama (diamond company); Azervaijan’s AzerEnerji (power generation); or Kazakhstan’s Kazatomprom (uranium), just to mention a few. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of companies now going through this transformation—takeovers—resulting in state owned corporations becoming the dominant players in multiple business sectors. Some of these have grown enormously large and have become monopolies in certain business segments, blocking any and all would-be competitors from the private sector.

Some examples of this are Russia’s fixed-line telephone and arms export group; China’s aluminum, power transmission, telecommunications, and airline monopolies; or India’s national railway system, employing over 1.4 million people. These are enormously large companies, and cannot be competed against when one understands the governments of their countries own them. Clearly, this is extremely disruptive to the free capitalist system, because so often the rules are designed to favor the government enterprises at the expense of the privately owned enterprises.

Many don’t realize an additional item working against the private business sector: companies that do remain in the hands of private business people also rely on government patronage, credit, contracts, subsidies, and/or loans. It’s easy to see that if your privately held company is not on good terms with the government—who is in control of the legislative branch and often in conflict with private business—just maybe, it might find itself out of business, or its corporate assets frozen because your privately owned company didn’t comply with some specific regulation designed by some government bureaucrat, or “cave” to a government request critical to a negotiation.

There is definitely an immense geopolitical movement of colossal proportions and consequence presently in progress, due highly to the suspiciousness of these potential conflicts of interest. The world is turning into and moving toward becoming a “hodge-podge” of varying degrees of socialist states that are structured to do business with each other as though they were singular corporations. The fact is, businesses and countries are consolidating into larger blocks of economic and political influence. As these trends become greater in scope, size, and scale, it becomes clear that unless your country “gets with the program,” it will find it more difficult to remain competitive in the world market of the twenty-first century. This is due to the fact that countries of the world are becoming a conglomeration of their business sectors, directly due to government acquisition or indirect government ownership via silent government partnerships and/or phantom government financial backers.

Therefore, it’s becoming plain that if you’re in private business and want to compete and survive, you had better be in good standing with the government of your country. And secondly, the national government had better be in control of large segments of a variety of business sectors if it expects to compete in today’s world market. In other words, the more socialized your country is, the better chance it has to compete in the global markets of today’s developing “world order.”

What Is The Prophetic Significance?

What’s becoming more apparent each day is the United States of America, the last bastion of free market capitalism, is losing its appeal, compatibility, and most importantly, credibility as a desirable and workable system. We need not belabor the issues of the last few years of financial malaise and the pathetic socialistic compromises by those politicos—Republicans, Democrats, and independents—which have attempted to fix the malfeasance. It’s been a sorry effort by all those leaders within the educational, political, banking, insurance, and industrial business sectors and has only served to illustrate how out of step and inept the United States is with the world and its own secular constitution and “Christian” moral integrity.

The United States of America has had tremendous opportunity to revisit its origins and look deep within its cultural soul, redressing its relationship with those principles that have been so instrumental in its ascent to greatness and American exceptionalism. Regrettably, it has failed to do that because, as a nation, one specific relationship during this intensely bad time has been consistently ignored: our relationship as a culture of people with our God. Yes, we have in many aspects of our society today abandoned the God of our Judeo-Christian Bible. As a Christian culture—and we are, fundamentally, a traditional Christian culture, regardless of President Barrak Obama’s assertion that we are not—this is a major mistake and perilous oversight we are making as a nation who has indeed been blessed by the God of our Bible.

For the leaders and people of the United States to marginalize this Living God, Who unconditionally blessed our nation with so much affluence and material wealth because of promises He made to our forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is just stunningly indifferent and derelict on our part as beneficiaries. Sadly, as a nation of people, we will be corrected for this unbelievable apathy. (Write in for our FREE twelve-hour lecture series titled The Biblical Origins of the British Commonwealth and United States of America.)

Conditions are building and circumstances are developing that will test the will of the American people and our leaders again. Never in its history has it had to face such indifference, political gridlock, and opposition to the fundamental principles of what underlies its social fabric. There are many forces at work, within and without, dedicated to taking down the United States of America. It appears that this time the global size and scope of the forces at work are well entrenched and may just be too ensconced and entangled to combat and resist with the “non-progressive free capitalist model.” It’s as if the world is repositioning itself and becoming one large socialistic environment, unfortunately revealing the free market capitalist system of the United States and other free world nations is no longer globally compatible in the new neighborhood of emerging socialist nation-states that implement the state capitalist model.

Over the last year, the US has struggled with enormous fundamental compromises to its constitutional foundation never before experienced. Many are saying that “the Republicans set the table and the Democrats are now serving dinner!” But regardless of our political opinions or observations, we need to be brutally honest about asking this question: Do we as a nation and culture of free market capitalists have a choice, when considering the direction of the global business contingencies now becoming apparent? What are the alternatives we have as a free democratic republic in the face of such gargantuan and enormous geopolitical socialist or state capitalist trends and changes?

Consider the current “progressive” trends outlined throughout this chapter that are actually happening right now all around us. Then, bear in mind the recent acquisition of the banking and insurance industry by the US federal government, and in addition, some automotive companies/unions, in combination with “government friendly” corporations such as General Electric, Fannie Mae, and Freddy Mac—and the pending legislation of additional government encroachments with unsustainable financial obligations that are all designed to further socialize the government of the United States. Is it perhaps just possible our leaders see the handwriting on the wall and are simply positioning the United States for the ultimate compromise they now understand is a natural development and forgone consequence—surrendering our sovereignty to the World Order? I know that statement may come as a shock to some of you—it’s startling to me too—but here’s what I mean by that.

Without becoming fanatically conspiratorial, or too overtly preoccupied with secular intrigue and extreme suspicion in our observations, we need to start honestly asking some very serious and bold questions.

For example, is it even possible the American people would allow such a concession of sovereignty without a full-scale revolution? And what if we don’t concede as a nation of free market capitalists to the socialist trends gaining worldwide momentum and acceptance—will we be able to survive and function as a nation-state within the socialist competitive economic world environment that’s emerging? Or will it work to our national disadvantage within the international market place?

Additionally, if a new world currency were to be implemented, replacing the American dollar as the world’s standard reserve, would the United States concede and adopt that currency? And if not, could the United States resist and still maintain global competitiveness? Would the American people stand for it? What would it mean for the exchange rate value of the dollar abroad and here at home? What would the consequences be for the national debt and those foreign nations holding billions of dollars in US treasuries? Would the Central Bank, issuing the new currency, forgive the debts like a quasi “Jubilee” year of release? Or would the nations holding the debt sell it off in mass quantities before the implementation of a new world currency, thereby causing the collapse of the US economy? What would the impact of a new world currency be on prices for goods and services imported from foreign nations, especially in areas of energy, such as oil or natural gas? These are questions, which just a few years ago would have been unthinkable to consider. However, with  today’s developing circumstances and conditions, they are becoming reasonably plausible, gaining legitimacy, and building credible momentum in the public square.

It’s time we begin to recognize these are actual existing circumstances that do indeed surround us! Even Warren Buffet said, “The patient that’s on the floor with the cardiac arrest is not Wall Street. It’s the American economy.” And Gerald Celente, renowned economic trends forecaster, believes the United States is on its way to becoming a banana republic, marked with internal strife and anarchy over “taxation without representation,” unemployment, over-regulations, and shortages of life’s staples, such as food, water, and shelter. This is not a very encouraging picture of the world’s once greatest superpower, now the largest debtor nation in the world. History has proven that once a nation begins to lose its currency value and becomes weak economically (Babylon, Greece, and Rome, for example), it is destined for ruin. It’s an oxymoron to consider a nation a “superpower” when in reality its economy and currency is weak, and additionally, is indebted to and dependent on multiple nations of the world to buy up and sustain its debt!

Where is this really leading us? What’s next? Are there prophetic events ahead that need to be considered with renewed perspective? And what is this conspiracy we mentioned? Who’s behind it? Who’s running it? And where are “they” taking the world? What is “their” agenda? And who is “they?”



Where Is the

Conspiracy Leading?


Currently, the world appears to be gravitating toward global socialism under the guise of a new politically correct term: “state capitalism.” What does this mean for the geopolitical future of the world, and in particular the United States? Is it really the solution to world peace and prosperity? And what does our Bible say about this global movement?

In the previous chapter, we were left asking a variety of questions—questions that a few years ago would have been irrelevant for our time. However, in today’s progressive socialist environment, it’s just the opposite. Presently, these questions and observations have become very relevant!

It’s important we recognize the operative word here is “presently.” We should always keep in mind that geopolitical events and conditions are dynamic and subject to change. Therefore, when observing the propensities and trends of our changing world and considering what we may think are the connecting lynchpins to the prophetic fulfillments of our Bible, it’s important we understand that caution is key. Speculation about current events, news headlines, or politics should be minimized—otherwise, we run the risk of looking foolish. This is precisely why we will stick close to what the Scriptures say about the future of our changing world throughout the remaining discourse of this booklet.

With that being said, let’s consider what the Bible has to say about these “centralizing initiatives” which appear to be predisposed to nationalizing the world into some kind of socialist “World Order.”

Some Biblical Imperatives to Consider

Revelation 18 explains an internationally centralized worldwide economic system has been implemented around what is described as an end-time Babylon. Notice what it says in Revelation 18:3: “For all nations [that’s the kings [plural] of the earth have committed fornication with her [political intercourse], and the merchants [plural] of the earth are waxed rich [became wealthy] through the abundance of her delicacies [economic policy and commerce].”

Keep in mind that this chapter primarily describes the destruction of this Babylonian system. However, the context shows quite clearly that this world order was affluent and beneficial to other nations for a time, having become quite prosperous through nationalization and trade. Again notice: “Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! For in one hour is thy judgment come. And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise anymore” (Revelation 18:10–11). Imagine that—the world is saddened, weeping, and mourning, because they cannot do business with this Babylonian system anymore, due to the swift destruction that came upon it.

So, what are some of the imperatives we should consider about this Babylonian system? First: It is a global system that emerges onto the world scene, becoming dominant in its geopolitical influence and worldwide economic benefit to other nation-states of the world (Daniel 7:23; 8:25; Revelation 18:7, 9–16).

Second: It appears to be a socialist coalition made up of a) an autocrat (the beast); b) a religious leader (the false prophet); and c) 10 independent nation-state leaders (kings) who combine their hegemony in confederation (social/military union) with this prominent charismatic autocrat. Notice: “And in the latter time [this is important to recognize—it’s at the end time] of their kingdom, …a king of fierce countenance and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up. And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully [not using force], and shall prosper, and practice, and shall destroy the mighty and holy people. And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace [prosperity] shall destroy many” (Daniel 8:23–25).

Also, “Thus he said, the fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon the earth, …and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise” (Daniel 7:23–24). In addition, Revelation 17:12–13 says, “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings [independent of the autocrat, or beast], which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour [a short time] with the beast [the autocrat]. These have one mind [implies unification, confederation, or coalition], and shall give [concede] their power and strength unto the beast [the autocrat].”

Third: This Babylonian system historically is responsible for killing the prophets and saints, and will proceed to repeat Christian persecutions and cause martyrdom again in the future. Notice: “And I saw the woman [Mystery, Babylon the Great] drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus” (Revelation 17:6).

In addition, notice what this futuristic Babylonian system will do to modern day Christians at this time. “Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others…And of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up… I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them [they will be harmed]And he [the beast] shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out [beat down and destroy] the saints of the most High” (Daniel 7:19–25). Also notice: “And it was given unto him [the end-time beast/autocrat] to make war [violent harm] with the saints, and to overcome them [subdue them]: and power was given him [the autocrat of the fourth kingdom] over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations” (Revelation 13:7). Even our Lord warns us that in the latter days, at the time of the end, many will be offended, betrayed, and delivered to be afflicted and killed (Matthew 24:8–13; Mark 13:8–9; Luke 21:10–19). This substantiates Daniel’s warnings.

Fourth: We must remember, this happens at the end. We know this because it’s this Babylonian system that fights our returning Lord, Jesus Christ, and the armies from heaven. Notice: “And in the days of these kings [the beast, false prophet, and ten kings] shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed [it’s at this time]; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever” (Daniel 2:44). And further, “He [the autocrat/beast] shall also stand up against the Prince of princes [Jesus Christ]; but he [the beast/autocrat] shall be broken without hand” (Daniel 8:25). Also, “These [the beast and the ten kings] shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb [Jesus Christ] shall overcome them” (Revelation 17:14).

Clearly, there are many unanswered questions concerning these biblical prophecies, but here’s the point: presently, world predilections indicate the global community of nations appear to be moving toward and closer to a socialist model, which the Bible claims will result in a world order that ultimately is going to attempt to control the entire world; and indeed, this is prophetically substantiated by many scriptures in our Bible and is further accentuated by what is actually happening today with the trends we see in the world!

Simultaneously, while all this is going on, the United Kingdom has virtually conceded all of its positions with its former Commonwealth nations. Today, Great Britain shares its relationships and authority mostly in name only with the majority of these former nations, and has nowhere near the power and influence it once had with them. In addition, the United States, the last remaining superpower and obstacle preventing the socialization of the world, is close behind Britain in its decline. This once prominent and unprecedented global power, like the United Kingdom, has also unfortunately plummeted to a position of secularism, moral decay, economic bankruptcy, and political disarray! Undeniably, the United States of America has also lost its way and is in decline because it has no national vision of who it is and what it should be doing. It has forgotten its identity—and has fulfilled, in a surreal kind of way, the meaning of its prophetic name “Manasseh”—which simply means forgetfulness!

The Conspiracy

Many, over the years, have claimed the real conspiracy behind this “New World Order” movement lies with many international elites. They reach back to the secret societies and/or brotherhoods like the Illuminati, Jacobinism, Freemasonry, or the Round Table Groups and claim these ruthless and progressive organizations are behind much of the gravitation toward this global socialist tyranny. They claim men like Dr. Adam Weishaupt, Giuseppe Mazzini, Moses Mordecai (alias: Karl Marx), Albert Pike, and the Bushes, or Roosevelt, to mention a few, were some of the intellectuals behind the genesis of this conspiracy. They allege these conspirators/socialists made inroads into the industrial, banking, education, media, and political sectors of the nations. Those who believe this further assert that these incremental encroachments of influence from men like John Ruskin, Sir Abe Bailey, John D. Rockefeller, John Dewey, Dr. Harold Ruggs, the Bilderbergers, Rothschilds, and yes, even some of the presidents of the United States, along with many more international politicos, in addition to organizations like the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), Federal Reserve, Royal Institute of International Affairs, and of course, the United Nations, are all responsible for coordinating this conspiracy! But really—is this a fair assessment of who is actually behind the scenes manipulating the horrific multi-millennia legacy of mankind’s miserable and pathetic saga?

If we’re honest with history, it’s hardly realistic to conclude the Rothschilds and other international elitists who are considered part of the Bilderbergers, or for that matter, any other financial sage, was behind the scenes financing World Wars I or II and conspiring to take over the world, especially since such prodigious amounts of destruction and loss occurred to so many of these individual European bankers, industrialists, and educators during those times. Arguably, this would have to be considered the ultimate masochistic, self-inflicted “mother of all wounds” for all times! And furthermore, after one recognizes the magnitude of personal loss these families experienced in art, real estate, and in some cases, even the death of their own loved ones as a result of these many historical conflicts, it hardly makes any sense that this would be the case.

Clearly, the present worldwide financial meltdown also goes to substantiate we can hardly blame the bankers to be behind some global conspiracy to take over the world when they themselves also suffered so many losses, bankruptcies, and liquidations, while still others required such enormous government bailouts. Again, it would hardly make much sense, when considering the magnitude of such personal loss and financial setbacks. Remember, many of these financial leaders lost their companies, jobs, fortunes, and sometimes their families and freedom. Some even ended up in jail! That’s hardly good conspiratorial planning for taking over the world, when you, too, suffer loss of this magnitude in pursuit of swindling others out of their fortunes. Somehow, it just doesn’t seem to make much sense.

On the other hand, that’s not to say there isn’t a conspiracy, or at least a degree of manipulation occurring within these areas occasionally, because there is an agenda at work; and clearly, it could be considered a conspiracy. However, the size and scope of those behind it are far more powerful and deceitful in their operation than most of mankind realizes. It is indeed obvious, and most people don’t realize it!

I’m always amazed when talking about this “alleged conspiracy,” because eventually in the course of conversation comments will finally lead to statements like, “Well, they have arranged it,” or “They have done this,” or “They presently are working on it.” Eventually, I’ll get around to asking, “Who are they?” As a rule, generally, the answer at best is ambiguous, or the question is simply ignored and deflected to another subject. It just goes to prove, most people do not comprehend the size, scope, depth, and complexity of this very real conspiracy. Why is this? It’s simple—most people ignore the spiritual factor and dimension of this conspiratorial agenda!

Unquestionably, this is what underpins the answer to this mystery. We can’t ignore the spiritual facts because this conspiracy does, indeed, go beyond the human realm. Your Bible points this out when it states the world is deceived—but not by the international bankers, Council of Foreign Relations, the United Nations, or the Illuminati. It’s much larger in scale and scope and far more deliberately insidious than that! Notice: “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceives the whole world” (Revelation 12:9). That’s right! This fallen covering cherub, presently known as Satan the Devil, is in fact the one who is really behind this conspiracy! He and his minions, who left their first estate and are currently postured in rebellion against God, are the ones who are behind this lamentable legacy of human anguish, pain, and devastation. These demonic forces work within the hearts and minds of mankind, exploiting our lustful natures as well as deliberately manipulating outside circumstances directly to serve their power mongering and destructive objectives. And yes, they work many angles, using multiple methods, including people, organizations, and even nations of the world to advance their specific goals—but always, of course, within the allowances of God’s overall plan (Ephesians 2:1–3; 6:12).

Now notice who it is that gives power to this up-and-coming resurrected “king of the north,” which is this Greco-Romanish Babylonian system. “And the dragon gave him [the Beast and ten kings] his power, and his seat, and great authority” (Revelation 13:1–2). Notice, it was that dragon, Satan the Devil (Revelation 12:9), who was behind this coalition and movement to nationalize the world order and confederate it into what the apostle John called “Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots [fornications] and Abominations of the Earth” (Revelation 17:5). John claims this system is the habitation of demons and the place of every foul spirit and unclean and hateful bird. It is a system that has influenced all nations to “fornicate” with it (political intercourse) in order to prosper (Revelation 18:1–3), living off the production of those who receive the “mark” it requires in order for one to work and make a living (Revelation 13:16–17).

With that said and this perspective in mind, who can truthfully say to what extent the specific role of a certain individual or US politician like Teddy (or Theodore) Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, LBJ, Richard Nixon, Ted Kennedy, George Bush, or Barak Obama—or organizations, governments, and/or business sectors—played in this conspiracy? It’s simply up for speculation! Who specifically financed what revolution and who in particular was behind Napoleon, Garibaldi, the Bolsheviks, Hitler, or the Federal Reserve, is frankly up for debate! Who really knows the truth, or the extent of involvement specific individuals or world conditions played, concerning these events? Frankly, in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter? Because, like it or not, we can’t stop it, and it is what it is!

Yet some will insist, Don’t we have a right to our personal opinions about this? And yes, of course, all of us are free to speculate in this area, because, undoubtedly, it makes for lively and interesting conversation. But understand and recognize this fact: it’s speculation at best, as to how specific men, politicos, demagogues, organizations, round table groups, or international revolutions fit into this “web” of grotesque deception and worldwide charades. What’s simply being suggested is to guard against allowing this kind of speculation to come between us as Christians. Let’s not allow these topics or theories, or our politics, become divisive “doctrinal tenants.” It’s just not worth it—nor is it productive for our Christian unity (Ephesians 4:1–3).

Instead, stay focused on what is really important: the bigger picture, and how Satan is really behind all this manipulation—how he, Satan, is steering the global drifts and leanings that are now developing by means of the type of policies being initiated by the nations of the world and driven by the demonic lust for destroying God’s plan! Remember, that’s really the objective behind all this corruption, deception, violence, death, and destruction. The agenda being implemented by the contradistinctive forces of God are designed—or “conspired,” if preferred—with the goal and intent of undermining everything God loves and is working toward accomplishing.

Presently, it appears that state capitalism, which is underscored by government involvement and ownership of private assets (socialism), as opposed to private ownership (free market capitalism) unhampered by government involvement, is becoming the New World Order’s model of global commerce. When overlaid onto the system described in Revelation 18, what is happening now in our world becomes very cogent to Bible prophecy. The actual real world confirmation of our present geopolitical trends and events of emerging markets and how they are developing and positioning themselves is simply stunning, and cannot be ignored any longer!

This is because it’s exactly what the Bible plainly illustrates will be the economic system dominating the world at the time of Christ’s return. It is  described as a socialist confederation of ten nationalized nation-states, led by an autocrat (the beast) and religious leader (false prophet), who are both demon possessed (Revelation 16:13–14) and who also mark the people for serving the State. This system, in combination with the ten kings who confederate with this autocrat (the beast), ultimately face off with Christ and the armies of heaven in the final battle known as Armageddon (Revelation 16:16–18). The result is the destruction of this evil Babylonian system (Revelation 16:19–21).


John Winthrop’s

City upon a Hill, 1630

Now the onely way to avoyde this shipwracke and to provide for our posterity is to followe the Counsell of Micah, to doe Justly, to love mercy, to walke humbly with our God, for this end, wee must be knitt together in this worke as one man, wee must entertaine each other in brotherly Affeccion, wee must be willing to abridge our selves of our superfluities, for the supply of others necessities, wee must uphold a familiar Commerce together in all meekenes, gentlenes, patience and liberallity, wee must delight in eache other, make others Condicions our owne rejoyce together, mourne together, labour, and suffer together, allwayes haveing before our eyes our Commission and Community in the worke, our Community as members of the same body, soe shall wee keepe the unitie of the spirit in the bond of peace, the Lord will be our God and delight to dwell among us, as his owne people and will commaund a blessing upon us in all our wayes, soe that wee shall see much more of his wisdome power goodnes and truthe then formerly wee have beene acquainted with, wee shall finde that the God of Israell is among us, when tenn of us shall be able to resist a thousand of our enemies, when hee shall make us a prayse and glory, that men shall say of succeeding plantacions: the lord make it like that of New England: for wee must Consider that wee shall be as a Citty upon a Hill, the eies of all people are upon us; soe that if wee shall deale falsely with our god in this worke wee have undertaken and soe cause him to withdrawe his present help from us, wee shall be made a story and a byword through the world, wee shall open the mouthes of enemies to speake evill of the wayes of god and all professours for Gods sake; wee shall shame the faces of many of gods worthy servants, and cause theire prayers to be turned into Cursses upon us till wee be consumed out of the good land whether wee are going: And to shutt upp this discourse with that exhortacion of Moses that faithfull servant of the Lord in his last farewell to Israell Deut. 30. Beloved there is now sett before us life, and good, deathe and evill in that wee are Commaunded this day to love the Lord our God, and to love one another to walke in his wayes and to keepe his Commaundements and his Ordinance, and his lawes, and the Articles of our Covenant with him that wee may live and be multiplyed, and that the Lord our God may blesse us in the land whether wee goe to possesse it: But if our heartes shall turne away soe that wee will not obey, but shall be seduced and worshipp other Gods our pleasures, and proffitts, and serve them, it is propounded unto us this day, wee shall surely perishe out of the good Land whether wee passé over this vast Sea to possesse it; Therefore lett us choose life, that wee, and our Seede, may live; by obeyeing his voyce, and cleaveing to him, for hee is our life, and our prosperity.


Are We There Yet?

As we look out over the landscape of countries throughout the world and consider the geopolitical propensities we’ve been discussing, it’s painfully apparent the global community of nations is, indeed, steering its way in the direction of this “Babylonian World Order.” However, there remains a very stubborn obstacle standing in the path, presently obstructing and preventing all of this from being accomplished—the United States of America!

We don’t need to belabor the current political and economic trauma the United States is in. Clearly, there are forces in and outside of the United States dedicated to its destruction, and currently becoming more transparent in their evil agendas. With the advent of the present economic crisis the United States has recently experienced and is still recovering from, in combination with so much corruption, moral and political decay and confusion, double standards, secret meetings, and shameless behavior from so many public servants, it’s become disappointingly obvious that particular aspects of the American culture have accelerated in decline, thereby contributing to putting the United States at terrible risk. This has resulted in an internationally inferior condition. The United States is a paralyzed “paper tiger”—strapped by political gridlock, which is filibustering any real progress to solve the dissention and polarization that has continued to increase over the last four to five presidential administrations.

This is not surprising in light of the abandonment of God’s thundering words, principles, and expectations from a people who adopted the Judeo-Christian heritage and originally claimed the God of Israel to be the standard of their moral and social behavior—the very foundation of their hegemony.

Believe it or not, the United States and United Kingdom had the opportunity to stand as beacons to the world community who doesn’t have a clue as to who the God of Israel is, nor His firstborn Son, the Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Our nations of multiple ethnicities and races, segmented into a great nation and a company (commonwealth) of nations, have been historically, and still are, the greatest cultural force on earth promoting the name of Jesus Christ. Without the people’s participation, prodigious amounts of money, resources, and missionary efforts—regardless of their advance the name and  knowledge of Christ as humanity’s Savior as no other culture of people on earth! For reasons of promises made thousands of years ago to a man called Abraham, this was a very important prophetic objective of God our Father for promoting His salvific plan.

However, this chapter in the life of these nations appears to be approaching the end. The promises of great wealth, affluence, and power have been fulfilled! It’s becoming obviously dismal and lamentably disheartening that as a “birthrighted” culture, we have failed God! We have been weighed in the balances and, to our shame, as a people who claim the Judeo-Christian Bible as God’s Word and model of social and religious identity—have been “found wanting.”

We are the cultures held responsible, and held accountable for failing to live up to the standard set by Jesus Christ. Why? Because it was the intention of the Living God to use these particular cultures to set the example for the rest of the world, as a “city upon a hill,” to live for the God they claimed to be the true God, and the Savior they promoted.

Unfortunately today, the United States and the British Commonwealth nations are socially compromised, and have lost their way. They no longer consider the God of Israel or the name of Jesus Christ to be of much influence for social or religious value anymore. Nor do the words of His law have any long-term efficacious effect on the lives of the people He has blessed with so much. Yes, the God of Israel, in the name of Jesus Christ, has blessed America and the Commonwealth of Britain with many great successes throughout their history and much affluence over the last four to five centuries. But as the world turns, “change” has come—and unfortunately, the “fundamental changes” these cultures have embraced and are presently experiencing by the legislation they have chosen to pass, legalizing many social perversions according to God’s law—is not the kind of change that will ingratiate us into a closer, more favorable relationship with the God of Israel. No, quite the contrary—God is not amused!



What Is the Prophetic

Significance of Great

Britain and the

United States?


There are international forces at work today attempting to forge a greater global influence on the sovereignty of individual nations including the United States. Climate change, economics, terrorism and a variety of political threats with potential WMDs are all having their effect to leverage influence and control. Where is this leading the United States and the global community?

In Chapter 2 we presented this fact: God is not pleased with those cultures that have adopted His Word, the Judeo-Christian Bible, as their standard for social and religious identity. It was suggested that historical facts prove the United States and the United Kingdom prophetically represent the “birthrighted” cultures that are, indeed, the modern-day recipients of the physical promises of wealth, affluence, and power originally promised to Abraham of Ur (Genesis 12:1–3). And furthermore, it was mentioned they carry the name of the end-time nation called Israel, which was prophesied to be divided into two broad profiles: 1) a company (commonwealth) of nations, and 2) a single great nation (Genesis 48:19–20).

With this in mind as a plausible worldview, it becomes reasonable to believe that God had specific expectations for these nations. Understandably, then, a lot of questions are answered as to why, over the course of their national histories, these cultures have enjoyed such great blessings of material wealth,  achievement, and protection from natural disasters and international calamities—having also enjoyed military successes, relatively speaking, when compared to the rest of the world over the last 400 to 500 years. But it is unequivocally apparent that the United States and United Kingdom have failed to live up to God’s expectations. And the mission He had in mind for these nations—that of becoming an example to the world “as a city on a hill”—clearly has never been accomplished!

This is to our shame as a culture of multi-ethnic people who claim the name of Jesus Christ, the God of Israel. We have been given so much and been obviously blessed by God our Father for approximately ten to twelve generations; yet we have miserably squandered our wealth, influence, and power by mismanaging our resources and affluence, while exacerbating our condition in abandoning the God who blesses us. It’s a pathetic legacy to our God, after one realizes how much He has done for us!

Without a doubt, this understanding of “prophetic significance” has been debated for well over a century or so, and will most assuredly continue to be contested. Though it may be difficult to understand and accept that the cultures of the British and American people are the end-time, modern-day Israelites prophetically mentioned throughout the writings of the prophets, let’s just suppose: WHAT IF it’s true?

Let’s Consider Some “Real Life” Historical Facts

Before we answer this “What if” question, let’s consider some actual historical facts. This will help add some context to this perspective before resuming our present discourse on the global trends that appear to be leading us in the transition toward this Greco-Roman Babylonian system which is prophesied to emerge in the end times and take on the role of ultimately invading and occupying Palestine and other Middle Eastern and North African countries as the king of the north (Daniel 11:40–43).

The sixth president of the United States, John Quincy Adams, once said, “The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: …it [the Revolutionary War] connected in one indissoluble bond, the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.” Charles Hodge of Princeton Theology Seminary said, “The proposition that the United States of America is a Christian and Protestant nation is not so much the assertion of a principle, as the statement of a fact.” Conversely, to illustrate how far the American culture has drifted from this perspective, consider what the forty-fourth president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, said multiple times while in office: “The United States is not a Christian nation.”

So, let’s ask ourselves: Do you really think it’s all just coincidental that the cultures of the United States and United Kingdom subscribe to a Christian heritage and just happen to have their history solidly ensconced within the framework of the writings from both Old and New Testaments? We’re supposed to believe it’s all just coincidental that the fact of their social, religious, and political views “just happened” to be based on the religious tenets and covenants that clearly connect with the belief that the God of Israel and Jesus the Christ are deity and represent their God rather than Buddha, Vishnu, Mohammad, Hara Krishna, or some other god? And furthermore, we’re just supposed to believe it was coincidental that this Christian faith “just happened” to result in initiating a worldwide missionary work, second to none, for advancing the name of Jesus Christ as the exclusive Savior to the world for centuries? Really? What do you think the chances of that are? Seriously, what do you think the odds of that happening are—especially, when considering the many varieties of different religious and faith-driven possibilities that could have been, instead?

Additionally, is it just another coincidence that the British and American governments just happen to be the primary charitable providers and protectors for that little Jewish Israeli state in Palestine since its commencement in 1948? Why them, of all people? Doesn’t it seem a bit strange that, to their own national risk and political detriment in some cases, they, the USA and UK, insist on maintaining such an affinity and protective concern for the Jewish people? Why do you think that is? It almost seems as if they’re related, like family, with their heritages connected somehow with each other. Could this be possible? Without us even realizing it, could it actually be at the basis of this cultural predisposition? In light of the geopolitical realities of the last sixty or so years, this is certainly something to seriously reflect on and consider, because it surely seems to present, if nothing else, a strange curiosity.

And what about this historical fact: the British and American nations seem so close, and in times of trouble, figuratively lock arms in support and defense of each other—allied, as though they were brothers. These are just a few historical realities we should recognize and seriously think through, as we ponder the possibilities of this “What if” question regarding this plausible Israelite connection and worldview.

With this in mind, it’s also an unquestionable fact of history that the United Kingdom and United States are closely interconnected. History proves that what ultimately became the United States was originally nothing more than a handful of colonies that were part of the Commonwealth of Nations, primarily settled by the British and others from the United Kingdom. At the time, Britain was a world power, growing in its global influence and control. At its peak, the British Empire flew the Union Jack flag over a network of “commonwealth” nations that covered about 21 million square miles (33.7 million kilometers) of the earth. This translates to about 2.3 times the geographical size of China, which is about 9 million square miles (14.7 million kilometers).

There has never been in the history of the world an empire as large and geographically all consuming and powerful as the British Commonwealth of nations. Over its history, this trajectory of ascent finally achieved world power status, with London becoming the financial capital of the world and its currency, the pound sterling, becoming the world’s standard reserve currency at the outset of the twentieth century. It controlled virtually all the key gateways of the world, i.e., Gibraltar, Suez Canal, Khybar Pass, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malta, Panama Canal, etc. (rf. Genesis 22:17), and brought an element of education and technology that “seeded” many undeveloped cultures throughout the world at the time, such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Egypt, Eritrea, India, Iran, Libya, Madagascar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc. (rf. Isaiah 27:6). It was a stunning accomplishment by such a small, but aggressively gallant, hard working, and creative culture.

After previously failed attempts in the late 1500s, England finally successfully settled Jamestown, Virginia in 1607, followed by the colony of Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620. This was the commencement of what would ultimately become a very great nation and superpower in its own right. Actually, United States history proves many of these first settlers from the United Kingdom were bound with the purpose, from the start, to propagate Protestant Christian standards and moral values in the name of Jesus Christ. Consider the first charter of Virginia, which was granted by King James I in 1606 and written before those first settlers left England. It plainly stated the goals of the colony were to be for “propagating of [the] Christian religion to such people as yet live in darkness and miserable ignorance for the true knowledge and worship of God.”

Following the settling of Jamestown came the New England colonies, which undoubtedly were Christian and Puritan in custom and style. The Pilgrims (Separatists) landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620, but before even setting foot on the ground, they authored the “Mayflower Compact.” This document clearly states they came “for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.” Frankly, if the truth were known, approximately half of those on the Mayflower were from a congregation of Puritan Separatists (Pilgrims) originally from Scrooby, England, who moved to Leyden, Holland and finally left for Plymouth, looking for religious freedom from the Church of England. In other words, this was nothing more than a relocation project for a Christian congregation!

Later came the colony of Providence, Rhode Island, named after God, founded by Roger Williams in 1636, whose charter openly stated evangelistic goals that the colony “may win and invite the native Indians of the country to the knowledge and obedience of the only true God and Savior [Jesus Christ] of mankind.” This was followed by the first complete constitution in the US. It was the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, 1639. This document states the purpose of the colony was “to maintain and preserve the liberty and purity of the gospel of our Lord Jesus which we now profess, as also the discipline for the Churches, which according to the truth of the said gospel is now practiced amongst us.” In other words, they were “practicing” the tenets of the gospel. It was their culture to be Christian in principle, standard, and value!

I could go on mentioning so many more original charters, Puritan constitutions, and compacts of those original colonies that in total exceed 100 different documents that finally led up to the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, the Northwest Ordinance, and of course the Constitution; but suffice it to say, the United States’ Protestant “Christian roots” are obviously clear and plain for those who are honest and honorable with history.

Also, for anyone to disavow that many state constitutions today still maintain, in their original documents, requirements that state and federal representatives must publically claim belief in the Old and New Testaments and Jesus Christ, are simply refusing to accept reality! These are national facts of United States history, which is no longer required to be taught, and is unfortunately ignored, or being rewritten from an angry and disruptive perspective. God is simply not included!

It would do us all well to remember Benjamin Franklin’s interesting statement and consequent observation made in the course of his “plea to prayer” at the Constitutional Convention on June 28, 1787. He said, “I have lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth—that God  governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?” This happens to corroborate the biblical truth that the most High rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to whomsoever He will (Daniel 2:20–21; 4:25).

After reviewing the facts, to deny the United States was originally intended to be established as a Christian (Protestant) nation with the goal of propagating the name of Jesus Christ is at best disingenuous or flagrantly ignorant—or, at worst, intentionally malicious! There is far too much ignorance and malice today regarding the history of the greatest combination of superpowers the world has ever known, which historically, the Living God has blessed beyond all other nations of the world (Genesis 49:22–26; Deuteronomy 33:13–17). One cannot apologize for this, because it is the substantive reality of our world history. John Adams, second president of the United States, once said, “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclination, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” It simply is what it is! To deny it would be to repudiate the reality of history and the providence of God’s prophetic writings.

In other words, to deny the documented facts regarding these two world powers is to deny the very will of God and His involvement in leading and blessing these nations with His promises that ultimately led them to become the world powers—not just regional—that they became (Genesis 35:10–11; 48:10–22; 49:1, 22–26)!

But Where Are They Today?

With this in mind, consider the words of Abraham Lincoln, who said in a speech on January 27, 1837: “At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be the author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time, or die by suicide” (emphasis mine). 

Clearly, what we see happening around us is exactly what appears President Lincoln warned would happen. It’s as though the United States is now on a path of national self-destruction—suicide, if you will. From a peak position of being a nation that controlled 80 percent of the world’s resources, with only about 6 percent of the world’s population enjoying those resources—and then succumbing to the current position of the world’s largest debtor nation, presently generating approximately $1.5 trillion per year in deficit spending (presently exceeding $16 trillion of accumulated national debt) or more—which necessitates the USA imploring other nations to lend to them like beggars, in order to maintain the “international Ponzi scheme” required to remain solvent—is simply outrageously deplorable and unconscionable.


Then...and Now

In the Book of Deuteronomy, God warned the House of Israel that their failure to hear His voice and obey His commandments would result in many curses overtaking them, including gradual economic ruin and foreign control and domination. “The alien who is among you shall rise above you higher and higher, but you will go down lower and lower. He shall lend to you, but you will not lend to him; he shall be the head, and you will be the tail” (Deuteronomy 28:43–44).

The fulfillment of these prophetic warnings have been dramatically illustrated in the economic decline over the last 50 years of the modern descendants of the House of Israel, especially among those nations who represent the inheritors of the birthright blessings given to Ephraim and Manasseh—Great Britain and the United States.

In 1960, the combined exports of the Anglo-American nations amounted to $31.2 billion, which represented 24 percent of total world exports (World Trade Organization, Statistical Program, Time Series, 1960 World Exports, International Trade Statistics 1900-1960, Statistical Office of the United Nations, May 1962, Tables XXII and XXIII). It is also interesting to note that in the same year, the United States had a trade surplus of $3.5 billion (U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services, 1960-2004, BOP Basis, compiled from official statistics of the US Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis). In addition, for fiscal year 1960, the United States ran a budget surplus of $3 million (Table 1.1 Summary of Receipts, Outlays, and Surpluses or Deficits, 1789-2013, http://www.gpoaccess.gov/usbudget/fy09/sheets).

In 1965, the Gross Federal Debt of the United States was $322 billion, which amounted to 46.9 percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (Historical Tables, Budget of the U.S. Government, Fiscal Year 2010, Table 7.1 “Federal Debt at the End of Year: 1940-2014”). The Public Debt, that amount of the gross debt held by institutions outside of the US Government, amounted to $260.8 billion. Of that amount, only $12.3 billion, or 4.7 percent, was held by foreign nations (Analytical Perspectives, Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2008, Table 16-6, “Foreign Holdings of Federal Debt”). In less than 50 years, the economic decline of the Anglo-American powers is reflected in grim statistics. In 2009, the combined exports of the United States and the United Kingdom amounted to approximately $1.4 trillion. While this figure is much greater than their combined exports in 1960, the two nations’ overall exports, as a percentage of total world exports, dropped dramatically from 24 percent in 1960 to barely 11 percent in 2009 (WTO Secretariat, World Merchandise Trade by Region and Selected Country, 2009).

The United States had a budget surplus in 1960; however, by 2009, the estimated annual budget deficit amounted to $407.4 billion (Table 1.1 Summary of Receipts, Outlays, and Surpluses or Deficits, 1789-2013, http://www.gpoaccess.gov/usbudget/fy09/sheets). While the United States maintained a trade surplus in 1960, it had run into deep trade deficits by 2009. In 2009, the United States trade deficit was $378.6 billion (“US Trade in Goods and Services, BOP Basis, 1960-2009,” US Census Bureau, March 11, 2010).

In addition, the federal gross debt in 2009 was about $12.8 trillion, which amounted to 90.4 percent of GDP. The gross debt for 2011 is estimated to be $15.6 trillion, which will represent 101.1 percent of GDP (Historical Tables, Budget of the U.S. Government, Fiscal Year 2010, Table 7.1 “Federal Debt at the End of Year: 1940-2014”). If these estimates are accurate, the federal gross debt in 2011 will exceed the total value of all goods and services produced in the United States.

Perhaps even more alarming is the percentage of the public debt owned by foreign nations. In 1965, foreign nations held 4.7 percent of the United States’ public debt. In 2006, foreign nations held $2.1 trillion of the public debt, which amounted to 44.2 percent of the total public debt (Analytical Perspectives, Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2008, Table 16-6, “Foreign Holdings of Federal Debt”). As of February 2010, foreign nations held $3.7 trillion of the public debt, which amounts to 65.8 percent of the total public debt. Of that amount, China and Japan combined held $1.64 trillion, or 43.9 percent of the total public debt (“Major Foreign Holders of Treasury Securities,” Department of the Treasury/Federal Reserve Board, April 30, 2010).

As of June 30, 2009, the United Kingdom’s total external debt in US dollars was $9.088 trillion. The public debt represented 68.5 percent of GDP in 2009 (CIA World Factbook, https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/uk.html). As of March 2010, public sector net debt was ₤890.0 billion, which is expressed as 62.0 percent of GDP. In addition, the public sector showed a current budget deficit of ₤14.8 billion as of March 2010 (Office for National Statistics–Public Sector Economy, http://www.statistics.gov. uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=206). Finally, the UK’s trade deficit for 2009 was $122.3 billion (“United Kingdom Trade Statistics 2009,” Daniel Workman, March 3, 2010, http://import-export.suite101.com/article.cfm/united-kingdomtradestatistics-2009).

It’s a disappointing commentary that plainly indicates a sad miscarriage of multiple decades of massive political (Democrats, Republicans, Progressives, and Independents alike), economic, social, and religious mismanagement!

Unfortunately, prosperity is problematic. It seems as though it’s almost natural that as prosperity increases, it becomes easier to forget God. Over time, affluence seems to feed the delusion that the prosperity was accomplished by those who prospered. John Wesley of Great Britain had this insight: “I fear, wherever riches have increased, the essence of religion has decreased in the same proportions….For religion must necessarily produce both industry and frugality, and these cannot but produce riches. But as riches increase, so will pride, anger, and love of the world in all its branches.” God warned the ancient Israelites of this possibility, and it applies very appropriately to the present condition of our culture today. Please, get your Bible and read how applicable Deuteronomy chapter 8 is for our present-day cultures! Without a doubt, the United States and United Kingdom are paralleling ancient Israel.

The United States has become weakened in its political, economic, and military condition. Culturally, we have become a very secularized and humanistic hegemony, engrossed in our own personal lifestyles and pursuits of personal pleasures, clearly forging toward what could easily be considered a neo-pagan society. Also, the United Kingdom has virtually lost control of all its “commonwealth” nations. Essentially, within about a dozen years or so after World War II, the United Kingdom’s age of colonialism was effectively over. It was bankrupt and wounded due much to the effects of two world wars. Since then, it too has conceded to a humanistic secular society whose culture is more concerned with self-absorbed pleasures, entertainment, and leisure. Its Parliament is in disarray, suffering from a lack of vision and purpose as well. Today, the sun does indeed set on this once globe girdling, world dominating British Empire. It has lost its luster, fading into something so far removed from the grandeur it once had as the glistening mighty United Kingdom.

There was a time when the cultures of the United States and United Kingdom were like “lions in the forest” (world) “among the beasts” (nations of the world). At one time, not too long ago, they could have had their own way with any nation of the forest. They were a powerful duo when combining their geopolitical influence and military might. Two world wars in the twentieth century illustrated this, as they teamed up to push back the tentacles of tyranny and untangle the invasion of socialism upon the world. Like brothers covering each other’s backs, they fought alongside each other; and in the case of World War II, fought side by side in two theaters of war simultaneously: Europe and the Pacific Rim—and won!

This is history! This is fact! And if they weren’t blessed with the success they achieved, the world would be significantly different today—and all of us know it! Regrettably, so much has been lost over time and generations; and the deep sense of gratitude we should have for these nations and allies who also sacrificed so much, including the intervention of the God of Israel, is sadly being forgotten! Things are not the same today. Circumstances and world conditions are very different. There has never been a time like the times we presently are in. It has decisively changed!

So Let’s Presume It is True!

If, then, the biblical origins of the lost ten tribes of Israel do indeed connect with the United Kingdom and United States, and these cultures are actually the descendants of the lost ten tribes—if we allow for this possibility—then what is it we are beginning to witness?

Comparing historical statistics with the present output of performance and the growing economic debt plainly illustrates a very sobering contrast revealing that conditions are not getting better. But more importantly, and most recently, a loss in respect and admiration for free markets, human liberty, freedom, and “trusted” political leadership is apparent! The world community is losing confidence in the American culture of free markets, liberty, and political leadership. In other words, the rest of the world is losing its certitude in the American system because they perceive we have an unsustainable amount of uncontrolled greed and debt, combined with political and business corruption, declining morals, and no national vision. Make no mistake: this is a perilous trend and illustration of a worldview that America is in decline, regardless of whether or not you believe in the Israelite cultural origins of the United States and United Kingdom.

Unmistakably then, this poses a glaring, but reasonable question: Is this visible evidence that God is finally beginning to remove His “protective hedge?” Is the economic mismanagement of the United States going to be the fundamental element of America’s weakening, decline, and ultimate fateful collapse? World history has proved this to be true with most nations, empires, and kingdoms of the past that experienced similar political, religious, moral, and financial failures. This is a sobering statistical reality!

The reason for asking these questions is simply because the answers appear to be obvious, after considering a few items of recent history. For instance, since the climactic end of World War II, up until the beginning of the twenty-first century, for about fifty years now, the United States has virtually enjoyed an uninterrupted ascent to power and greatness that is unmatched. Actually, since the early 1990s, the case could be made that the United States was the last remaining “superpower” from the Cold War era. Once the Soviet Union defaulted in 1989 and ultimately began to dismantle in 1991, the United States had no peer. For all intents and purposes, the ongoing threat of nuclear war between these two titan nations was diminished for the time.

However, circumstances have changed again! It’s been about two decades since that event occurred, and Russia is rebounding and presently regaining its position of influence and strength. China is also on the rise and gaining prominence among the nations of the world as a viable emerging market to be seriously considered. It’s now the second largest world economy, behind only the USA. In addition, India, Brazil, the Middle East, Europe, and a variety of Asian nations are all legitimate markets, competing for their fair share among the community of nations. The world is far more interlinked and interdependent than ever before. This has been made evident by observing the effects of the recent economic “meltdown,” and how ALL nations have been impacted by it. The world has become a much smaller place, and more intimately connected within the fraternity of nations throughout the world.

As we have tried to illustrate throughout this booklet, the global community has become more dependent on each other in many ways, and the Untied States is presently in the middle of it. Unfortunately, the United States for much of the world’s economic woes and political malaise.

With that being said, the United States also remains a major obstacle to the gravitation of the World Order’s move toward global socialism. Currently, it presents a real “stumbling block” for the advancement of this world’s inclination toward that, and further complicates this because its money is the world’s reserve currency—and to its additional advantage, its debt has caused many nations to become addicted and co-dependent to its market by seducing them to produce excessive goods and services to supply it—while at the same time, Americans strive to satisfy their immense appetite for spending, which generates prodigious amounts of debt. It’s quite a sad and convoluted reciprocating system, and unfortunately leads to subservience to the lenders (Deuteronomy 28:43–44). This is illustrated very poignantly by China, who holds over a trillion dollars in US treasuries (US debt), and thereby enjoys quite a position of influence over US foreign and currency policy.

However, for the present, the perception of the alleged superpower status of the United States and its “Triple A” treasury bond rating (which has been downgraded and is at risk again, as I write), in combination with the American people’s ability to buy foreign goods and services, continues to provide an element of stability to the world’s geopolitical and financial situation. How long can this charade and immense Ponzi scheme be maintained? It’s hard to say. However, it is slowly being eroded, and many nations who have been buying up the debt of the United States are beginning to see the “handwriting on the wall.” This has caused some of our largest lenders to back away from financing the deficits we continue to generate, because most realize it’s just a matter of time before the US dollar will lose considerable value via inflation and perhaps more recession; and obviously, nobody wants to be holding excessive dollars when that happens.

What has been considered as the solution for the time being is now being conducted under the label of “QE3.” This allows for the Federal Reserve Bank, via the Treasury, to authorize the printing of an unlimited amount of money at the rate of $40 billion a month to buy up mortgages and treasuries other nations will no longer buy. These nations see the unsustainable economic condition the United States is in and do not want to get caught holding worthless paper dollars when it comes time to “pay the piper.”

The nations of the world know it’s an oxymoron to claim “superpower” status when your country lacks a unified political vision, the value of the currency is at risk, and the nation is considered the greatest debtor nation in the history of the world—with no indication of reducing the debt or spending. At the same time, its military might is perceived to be nothing more than a “paper tiger.” Unfortunately, this is the present “real world” status of the United States of America, and to a similar degree, the United Kingdom. It’s quite a disturbing change from the positions of military supremacy, respect, economic dominance, and influence these former superpowers had throughout the past five centuries.

Both of these former “lions of the forest,” metaphorically speaking, have been tamed, and are much more moderate than what they once were—and considering today’s world conditions, should be. But in our present “politically correct” environment, it’s neither practical nor acceptable to do much more.

Additionally, the United Nations has provided a venue for smaller, less consequential nations like Iran, North Korea, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Venezuela, Cuba, etc., who, if they choose to act defiantly and with impunity toward requests made upon them by other nations of the world, usually can expect very little to no real action of retribution.

What all this illustrates is the unfortunate world bias that has grown over the years, and how perceptions have changed and consequently are paralyzing the global community from really being able to implement any kind of real solution regarding any category of issues facing mankind today. This cannot and will not last for long. The world’s community of nations is “progressively” moving toward this socialist Babylonian Mystery System—and it will not be denied, regardless of the size, power, or might of any obstacles attempting to prevent it—and that includes the United States of America!



Prophetic Events

for the Future


The United States remains one of the last bastions of freedom, liberty, and free market capitalism; however, how long will it last? In a world that appears to be gravitating toward world socialism under the guise of “state capitalism,” the question is: When will the compromises and concessions finally break this anti-socialist country we know as the United States of America?

It’s becoming obvious that the government’s encroachment of state’s rights and involvement with the business sector of the United States is increasing. Legislation is consistently being passed, designed to allow the United States federal government to exercise control and/or influence on the states, or in the private business sector that was never intended. Though unquestionably true that free market capitalism or a representative democratic republic is not the answer to mankind’s problems, the fact is, neither is socialism the way to world peace—especially when it’s apparent the end time Babylonian system described in Revelation is configured as a socialist confederation led by an autocrat or tyrant and deceptive religious leader or false prophet who combine their strength with ten other kings fully intending to rule the world by controlling the masses with a mark, which is required for anyone who wants to earn a living and exist peaceably within the system. This is a disturbing picture, especially when one realizes the world appears to be growing more comfortable with socialist values and would be more accepting of a scenario as described in Revelation 13 and 17.

Let’s not forget the historical legacy of tyranny, communism, and socialist reformative government. The history of these forms of “cultural management” is filled with oppression, bloodshed, and slavery. The governments of Napoleon, Mao Tse-tung, Stalin, Karl Marx, Juan Peron, Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein, and so many more that could be mentioned, are grotesquely recorded as macabre events, void of human rights and saturated with control and unjustified prejudice, murder, execution, and thievery! Revelation 13, 17, and 18, in combination with Daniel 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12, all portray a repeat of socialist tyranny that will ultimately gain control of the world (Daniel 7:23), force people to receive some kind of mark that allows them to fit in and become “sociocrats” of the system (Revelation 13:16–18), while persecuting and killing anyone, including those Christians who refuse to conform to this condition of governance (Daniel 7:21, 25; Revelation 13:7; 17:5–6; 18:20; 20:4). This will not be a pleasant time for people, and in particular, people of the Christian faith.

As mentioned in chapter three, a major obstacle, the proverbial “elephant in the room,” right in the middle of these unrelenting, lumbering socialist world trends now building momentum is the United States of America, and the United Kingdom to a lesser extent. It’s becoming clearer as we go forward that the representative form of government we now enjoy in the United States, including Great Britain to a degree—although currently, socialism has infected the British to a larger extent—is indisputably incompatible with what is described to emerge upon the world’s geopolitical stage. And the pressure is on both the US and Britain to conform and concede to this struggling and very troubled socialist model, like iron and clay, which is rooted in the historical patterns that are being explored, tested, and experimented with by the European Union, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Court. These are very real and influential political, monetary, and judicial forces that Britain and the United States have been resisting and contending with on issues that seem insistently relentless with intent on merging the nations of the world into a single, confederated Socialist World Order!

Prophetic Events to Consider—Coming Our Way

There are far too many prophetic events in our future to mention here in this short booklet, but one is of particular interest because it represents the beginning of the end. The Bible describes it as the “abomination of desolation” (Matthew 24:15–25). Many of us who are familiar with history know in approximately 167 BCE, Antiochus Epiphanies conducted a previous “type” of fulfillment concerning this event when during that time he set out to desecrate the temple by offering swine’s blood on the altar, dedicating it to Olympian Zeus. This was a “small type” of the abomination of desolation.

However, notice what takes place in the latter time again, but this time on a much larger, more prominent scale. Daniel writes, “for the words are closed up and sealed [regarding this prophecy] till the time of the end…and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand. And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that makes desolate [abomination of desolation] set up, there shall be…” (Daniel 12:9–11). And then he continues to describe some days of significance. But—did you notice? Daniel claims the daily sacrifice will be stopped and this will begin to commence the ultimate, end time “abomination of desolation!”

Obviously then, it’s evident sacrifices will be conducted in the last days, thereby also implying a temple, or at least some kind of altar of some significance that will be erected where the Jews in Palestine will conduct these sacrifices—and the cessation of those sacrifices commence this latter-day abomination of desolation along with armies surrounding Jerusalem, as Jesus also described in Luke 21:20–22.

Additionally, Daniel mentions that a king of the north, which is this socialist Babylonian system, moves into the “glorious land,” Palestine, and occupies the area, pushing southward to “stretch forth his hand upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape.” Nor will Libya or Ethiopia (Daniel 11:40–43). Also, after he invades and occupies these areas, there will be threats from the east and north of Palestine—most likely China, Russia, and other Asiatic countries around the Pacific Rim—that will trouble him, this socialist confederation of ten kings, the beast, and false prophet, to the extent he will execute a preemptive attack on these nations (Daniel 11:44). Ultimately, this will be where he meets his end (Daniel 11:45). Jesus Christ will conquer this tyrant and others in the Valley of Jehoshaphat at the battle of Armageddon (Joel 3; Daniel 7:17, 27; 8:25; Revelation 16:16–21)—but not before this Babylonian system causes a time of trouble like never before in the history of the world (Daniel 12:1; Matthew 24:15–22; Mark 13:14–20; Luke 21:20–28).

This is quite a prophetic scenario the Bible describes, and is certain to result in a great deal of destruction and human anguish. However, we mention it here because it pictures a markedly explicit distinctive contrast with what we presently have throughout our world today. Yet, it’s also important to recognize it confirms there are some major upheavals ahead for the current Israeli Jewish state, and which indicates, when these disturbances happen, it is the beginning of the end! This invasion of the land of Palestine, or Judah, identified as “the abomination of desolation” (Matthew 24:15–25; Mark 13:14–25; Luke 21:20–26), is a major sign that many of the events now about to happen hereafter, are in fact the ones literally described in the Bible!

Why isn’t the remnant of Jacob, or Israel, mentioned? We are told he would be a lion among the Gentiles in the world (Micah 5:7–8)—that the tribe of Joseph, or Israel, “in the latter days” (Genesis 49:1) would be a fruitful bough with affluence and material blessings running beyond his borders, while others grieved him and shot at him in his strength (Genesis 49:22–26; Deuteronomy 33:13–17).

However, there is absolutely no mention of Israel at this point in the “time of the end” (Daniel 11:40). Oddly though, the land of Palestine is mentioned, geographically, as the “glorious land.” This is where the Jews are currently, and is described as being invaded and occupied (Daniel 11:40–45) in the end time. Remember, Jesus Christ mentioned that, too, but no mention of the house of Jacob, Israel, tribe of Joseph, Manasseh, or Ephraim. The silence pertaining to these cultures at this time—while the invasion and occupation of Palestine, today’s modern Jewish state, occurs in the latter day—is deafening! Why? How could this happen? This could never happen while the United States in combination with Great Britain remain strong and committed to protecting the Israelis, or Jews.

Where is the nation of latte-day Israel, not the Israeli Jews, during this time of world calamity? And why, as you would expect, aren’t they protecting the “glorious land” where the Israeli Jews are, instead of allowing it to be invaded and occupied by the king of the north, the Babylonian Mystery system, which also, by the way, continues to proceed and run roughshod throughout the Middle East? This is certainly an unusual situation to say the least, since the present policies of both the United States and Britain are committed to protecting this Jewish nation-state. So where are they—especially if this “latter day Israel” is this prophetic powerhouse the Bible claims it to be in the last days?

Knowing the historical and current protective nature and policies the United States and England have toward the Israeli Jews, this question demands an answer! How could the USA and Britain allow the Jews in Palestine, the glorious land, to be invaded, conquered, and finally occupied? Where are they? These are questions to ask yourself in light of biblical prophecy! Where is the United States and Britain? Why aren’t they protecting the Jews at this time?

It’s undeniable that the Bible describes these events and world conditions and precisely explains the land of Palestine will be occupied by this Babylonian resurrected Greco-Roman kingdom of the north who settles in the Middle East, fulfilling its destiny with prophecy. And it’s unequivocally apparent that the United States and Britain are “missing in action.” WHY AND HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE AT THIS TIME? 

Answering Some Questions

It’s imperative we begin recognizing the socialist initiatives in progress around the world and stop denying the development of this reality surrounding us. Political leaders of the world are intent on orchestrating unilateral cooperation when addressing the issues facing the world today; this presently includes certain political factions embedded within the United States and England. America and England are under enormous pressure from the world community of nations to compromise their sovereignty and concede their resources and national objectives, by spreading their wealth to a “World Order.”

There are many things in play—but there are also many problems! The European Union is challenged also, with currency issues and debt, which is jeopardizing the euro. The EU is also contending with individual nation-states inside the Union who are financially distressed and wrestling with debt and bankruptcy. Germany is conflicted over “bailout money,” but reluctantly contributed to a massive €932 billion bailout of Greece, hoping to stop a financial contagion from causing a destructive chain reaction within the European Union. Greece, in particular, has had some very serious problems, as does Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain (PIIGS). It remains to be seen how all of this will resolve, and what will happen to the euro and European Union of present. However, the current financial crisis has the potential of greatly restructuring and reshaping Europe’s currency issues and its political relationships within the Union.

Also, Iran, modern-day Persia, is complicating world conditions with its determination to obtain nuclear weapon grade plutonium. They’re not cutting back or reducing their efforts, nor are they intimidated by the international community’s trade sanctions, which are designed to reduce their pursuit of weapons of mass destruction. Instead, contrary to stopping this initiative, it has increased their motivation, where most likely they will have the capability of weapons grade nuclear material within a few years—unless, of course, something prevents them from accomplishing this goal. When and/or if this occurs, the potential of war in the Middle East will escalate. The danger of an arms race may very well begin in that part of the world, while aggravating and thereby compelling the Israeli Jews to possibly do something independently of the United States. The possibility of a preemptive attack of some sort is a very plausible consideration.

We could speculate about many scenarios—North Korea, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, etc.—and what might or might not happen, but here’s the point: the geopolitical climate is in flux. There are many “balls in the air,” including regime changes in the Middle East such as Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and perhaps more to come. Anything could happen to ignite the potential powder kegs that are spread throughout the world. We have many possible “lightening rods,” many potential conditions that could lead us down the path of circumstances necessary to coalesce the nations that will finally fulfill what has been previously read, described, and explained from our Bibles. The future doesn’t seem to indicate things will get any better soon.

With that said, we should be able to understand that the present geopolitical climate, or nation-state arrangement, is not positioned as described in the Bible at the end. That’s not to say circumstances couldn’t explode tomorrow, changing the world forever, as happened on July 28, 1914, the beginning of World War I; or December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor Day, the beginning of our involvement in World War II; or 9/11, the 2001 terrorist attack on the USA.

Knowing that world conditions still need some serious rearrangement and modification if they’re going to match the script described by our Bibles, it becomes painfully clear, when considering the threats and perils surrounding us, that we should not and cannot risk underestimating the times in which we live. We must remain vigilant and physically, emotionally, mentally, and, most importantly, spiritually prepared to do the best with what we have, and materially reduce our expectations—because anything could change at any given time, making conditions and circumstances brutally more difficult and different from what we in the “free world” have generally been used to, since the end of World War II!

It’s apparent there are some enormous, monolithic geopolitical events on the horizon that portend to be extremely earth shaking, and will assuredly affect the world in ways we cannot imagine. The global financial difficulties and challenges are only the beginning of our troubles. It’s apparent that potential conditions are now beginning to come together, which will begin to accommodate the necessary chain of events to lead the world into the circumstances required to move the worldwide community into some of the most stupendous geopolitical changes the world has not seen since the first half of the twentieth century! The description of those changes and devastation to come clearly illustrates we haven’t seen anything yet!

What Major Cataclysmic Event Is On the Horizon?

In light of some of this plain evidence, and perhaps some unanswered questions we may have about this information, let’s review and consider Revelation 6:1–6 with some renewed emphasis. This is the chapter in which we are introduced to the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. We are told about the fourth horseman verse 8: “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hades [the grave] followed with him.…”

Now notice what’s next: “And power was given unto them [Death and Hades] over the fourth part of the earth [25 percent of the world’s population], TO KILL with the sword [second seal: war], and with hunger [third seal: famine/pestilence], and with death [fourth seal], and with the beasts of the earth.”

Did you notice what we just read? Read it again. Now, let’s consider what’s really being said here. Clearly, a war is described, resulting in the destruction of 25 percent of the world’s population! Consider this: that equates to about 1.75 billion human casualties, based on a current world population of about seven billion people. This translates to a death toll of more than twenty times that of World War II, based on 50 to 75 million total causalities in that war! But notice another very interesting point beyond this fourth seal: the fifth seal describes a Christian martyrdom, which is followed by the sixth seal, described as great signs in the sky! And while you’re trying to comprehend the magnitude of this cataclysmic event, keep in mind this sobering fact: Christ doesn’t return yet! This is just the fourth, fifth, and sixth seals—not the trumpet plagues! There remains much more pain, suffering, and devastation yet to come! This is just the beginning of sorrows (Mark 13:8). Remember what our Lord said: “But when you shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not immediately” (Luke 21:9).

Also, consider this additional biblical fact: there are two more major world wars beyond this one mentioned in chapter 6, described in Revelation 9. These are the fifth trumpet (first woe) and sixth trumpet (second woe). These two trumpet wars result in another invasion with weapons that cause pain and suffering, but not necessarily death (Revelation 9:1–12), followed by another war resulting in the obliteration of one-third of the remaining three-fourths of the world’s population (Revelation 9:18). This would leave approximately half the earth’s population remaining at the time of the beginning of the seventh trumpet, which heralds our Lord’s return and the final battle of Armageddon in the valley of Jehoshaphat (Joel 3:11–17; Revelation 16:16–21).

These events should be seriously recognized and kept in mind within this context. Let me reiterate: the present world and geopolitical arrangement of the community of nations is not currently matched up with what is described in our Bible as this ten nation confederation, led by an autocrat, or tyrant, who runs a very affluent Babylonian system of commerce (Revelation 18), in conjunction with a religious leader described by John the apostle as a false prophet (Revelation 13:11–18). It’s apparent, then, that some kind of huge, gargantuan, enormous shake-up is ahead that will result in the removal of the major obstacles obviously blocking much of this from happening.

Let me remind you: one of those major obstacles just happens to be the birthrighted cultures of the United States of America and, to a lesser extent, the United Kingdom! And when the removal of these two major balances of power occurs, there simply won’t be any place for “Christian freedom lovers” within this coming Greco-Babylonian, Roman, socialist system that emerges. If you’re a true Christian, you will find yourself in conflict with the Socialist Greco-Babylonian system described in Revelation 17:11–13 and chapter 18, which ultimately fights Christ upon His return (Revelation 17:14).

Notice the advice God gives to all real Christians about this coming system and any who receive the “mark” that is required in order to become a working constituent of this governmental system. “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her my people [be you separate], that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues” (Revelation 18:4). Furthermore, we are told this government requires you to receive this “mark” in order to make a living (Revelation 13:16–18), and it’s those who don’t receive the mark who are to rule and reign with Christ for a thousand years in the Millennium (Revelation 20:4).

It’s obvious that this “mark” will cause those who accept and receive it to compromise God’s laws and the testimony of Jesus Christ in their lives for social peace and acceptance with the governance of the state system. It will be crucial for Christians at that time to choose not to participate in this Babylonian Mystery system, and then just accept the consequences of their resistance. Otherwise, based on Revelation 20:4, it appears they may forfeit their birthright to eternal life!

Will the United States Be Neutralized or Eliminated?

This is an interesting question that is gaining serious consideration, because some within the Christian Evangelical and traditional Protestant movements, along with some Sabbath-keeping groups, are advancing the teaching that because the USA and Britain are not mentioned during the times we have been reviewing, they are part of the Babylonian Greco-Roman system. But is this possible? Do the patterns of history describing how God dealt with Israel and Judah portray Him as allowing them to sin and abandon Him without correction?

We are told if we want to know the future, we should understand history (Isaiah 41:21–22). If this indeed is the formula or principle for developing the proper worldview, then notably, the rise and fall of the original nations of Israel and Judah is the template, or pattern, God is working within. Therefore, why should it be any different for the cultures of those latter-day Israelites and Jews who have abandoned God as their ancestors did? It wouldn’t!

With this as a premise, if we’re going to understand the question concerning the future of the United States and British Commonwealth cultures, we must first understand this undeniably clear fact: many people, and alleged Christians, too, want you to believe the writings of the prophets are all fulfilled—that there is no present twenty-first century literal application to their writings. There are Christians today called preterists, who claim the prophecies written by the prophets in the Old Testament have all been fulfilled, and the only remaining value is they are simply historical writings. They even go as far as making the pronouncement that Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, and even the whole book of Revelation, including Daniel’s prophecies as well, are all historical, and were fulfilled when Titus invaded and occupied Jerusalem in AD 70, when Rome ruled, declined, and then finally fell. They also assert that all the texts pertaining to Israel are only directly linked to the original nations of Israel and Judah. They claim anything beyond that is pure speculation or conjecture, and is not remaining true to the text.

Can this be true? Especially, when certain prophecies are plainly prefaced with “in the last days,” “latter days,” or “end times.” Or, contextually, the prophecy makes absolutely no sense to the people and/or conditions unfolding at the time of the writing. Are we expected to simply ignore these indisputably plain and clear questions of critical thinking?

These queries deserve serious examination—particularly in light of the fact that we know the Bible is a comprehensive document revealing the plan of God from the beginning to the end (Revelation 1:11; 22:13). From that perspective, it would assuredly include the mention of the greatest nations in the history of the world, since it clearly includes smaller nations of less consequence down through history—wouldn’t you think?

And yet, many will insist and emphatically assert that nations like Russia, China, Europe, or the British Commonwealth and the United States are not directly mentioned in the Bible—but Libya, Jordan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Syria, or Israel of old are—and yes, they are! However, that’s the point: if the Bible is unequivocally God’s complete and exhaustive Word—and it is—then why wouldn’t it mention the larger nations of consequence in the “latter days and times”?

The truth of the matter is, the Bible does disclose the identities of these end-time nations and what will befall them if they insist on continuing as “children of disobedience” (Ephesians 2:1–3). These insights are contained in the writings of the Old Testament prophets, regardless of what preterists may think, say, or try to discredit!

The key to understanding is viewing things as God does—through the lens of Israel. Without developing an “Israelite worldview,” we cannot understand the story of man as God intended. Remember, the Bible can be considered the story of one man’s family—Abram of Ur, and the promises given to him by God. That requires a certain perspective, which in the course of this knowledge of salvation identifies the nations that presently carry the prophetically distinct names of Israel and Judah on into the “latter time.” We must understand and recognize, there is a “latter-day Israel” and a “latter-day Judah” that plainly exist in the end time when the Messiah returns, because the story of Israel is a “comprehensive constant” throughout the entire Bible about how these nations are recovered again from captivity in the end time—a second exodus (Isaiah 11:10–11; 27:13; Jeremiah 16:14–15; 23:5–8)—and then preserved on into and during the Millennium as a model nation to the rest of the world!

This understanding is paramount if we’re going to grasp the prophetic significance of following the thread of Israel’s—Jacob and his twelve sons—story throughout the history of mankind. To understand the significance of the story of Israel and the validation it provides that God is involved with the salvation process of His plan through the prophetic promise of the Scepter, which is Jesus Christ, through the tribe of Judah (Hebrews 7:14), is to understand how He’s literally involved with enlarging His family, and bringing many human sons and daughters into this redemption through Christ. World events and conditions, in combination with life’s circumstances in general, play major roles as the crucible of the Christian conversion experience. Without these events and God’s Holy Spirit within the individual, the salvation process would not develop mankind spiritually—especially since world conditions have had such a major effect and impact on the Christian movement and its development within the cultures of humanity through so many different variations of tribulations and challenges down through the eras that have, consequently, influenced Christian lives and communities in such personal ways.

Comparably speaking, what mankind is heading into will be like no other time in his history (Matthew 24:21–22; Mark 13:19–20; Luke 21:22–24). The physical events and resulting conditions, which will include martyrdom for some (Luke 21:12–19; Revelation 6: 9–11; Daniel 7:21, 25), are going to be enormously intense Christian character-building opportunities for these latter-day Christians, especially throughout the former Commonwealth countries of England and the United States of America.

So What’s the Point?

This brings us back to the earlier question, mentioned in chapter three: What ifwhat if it’s true that the United Kingdom’s Commonwealth nations and the United States are, in fact, the cultures identified as the end-time nations carrying the name “Israel” with the nation there today in Palestine being called more appropriately latter-day Judah? What if all this is true?

With this perspective in mind as an acceptable premise of truth, let’s assess some writings of the prophets and frame their warnings in light of this Israelite worldview by using the prophetic principle of duality, or as some scholars would say, the “apotelesmatic principle.” And then, perhaps we might be able to answer the question about the United States’ future with the overlay of what comparably happened to these cultures in the past. Using that comparison of the history of original Israel, let that answer the question as to why they’re not mentioned and/or included in the description of the future Middle Eastern invasion, helping to resist this king of the north, the end-time Greco-Babylonian system, from invading, conquering, and occupying the latter-day Israeli Jewish state in the glorious land, Palestine, as described in Daniel 11:40–43.



Voices From Two

of the Prophets


With all that is presently going on throughout the world, could the Old Testament prophets have any message of substance for our modern-day nations? Do these clarion voices have any value in such a highly developed time of technology and communication? Oddly enough, it is quite astonishing, when one realizes just how contemporary their warning messages are for us today!

After receiving one of the longest and most detailed prophecies in the Bible, Daniel was told, “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased” (Daniel 12:4). Most of us would agree, the present day and age we are living in could certainly be described as “running to and fro,” while surrounded by prodigious amounts of knowledge. Frankly, since the Internet’s inception, and now with the amount of information so conveniently made available, it’s almost too much information, or “TMI.” It’s understandable how some might think it’s an accurate observation we are indeed living in a time that seems to match the description prophesied by Daniel.

It was also plainly stated, “The words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried [tested via tribulations]; but the wicked shall do wickedly [wickedness shall continue]: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand” (Daniel 12:9–10). The prophet explains the understanding and recognition of these prophecies would be made available during a time when things would be fast paced and knowledge would be increased. It will also be during a time of trouble, like never been before, since there was a nation (Daniel 12:1). It’s quite stunning to realize how compelling the prophet Daniel captures the essence of our present time—and to think this was written about 2,600 years ago!

Here is an important item to keep in mind: if we are honest with the text, we would think there is no way any Christian layperson or scholar could deny this is talking about a future time—that it’s prophetic! However, as hard as it may be to believe, there are Christians who will insist it’s only historical—that regardless of the terms used, which clearly pertain to the “end times,” Christian “preterists” will claim these prophecies have all been fulfilled! They will debate and contend that most of the messages from the prophets are nothing more than Israelite history that has already been completed during the time of the original nation of Israel. Incredibly, you can’t help but wonder in stark amazement, how can this be, in the face of such plain terminology?

Yet, this is what the plain truth of the Bible is up against. This is a prime example of how some will attempt to obfuscate and “spin” the plain spoken Word of God, and is very typical among some liberal Christian scholars, pastors, and lay members. Regardless of this reckless approach to Scripture, conversely, there is real present-day value in the warning messages of the prophets—if we allow them to speak from their context.

Let’s take some time to consider their “warning voices” in the context and timeline of when they wrote, and overlay them onto our day and age, using the kaleidoscopic prophetic principle of duality. As incredible as it may sound, this will help answer the question about what happened to and why the United States and Britain will not be able to protect the Israeli Jews in Palestine when they are attacked by the king of the north “at the time of the end,” as was presented in our last chapter.

Consider the Warning of Micah

Surprisingly, the prophet Micah has a prophecy worth pondering. But, before we consider his words, let’s put him in context with his time Remember, it’s important to do this with all the prophets. Otherwise, you can occasionally miss a major dimension in prophetic insight and/or significanceand this is especially true if viewed only from a textual preterist’s historical outlook.

Micah makes an extraordinarily interesting statement regarding Israel, especially when we understand that at the time of this writing, ancient Israel was under siege by the Assyrians. That’s right—the northern sector of Palestine, known as Israel at that time, 750–685 BCE, was being ravaged, conquered, and occupied, with its citizenry being captured and exiled out of the country—their homes, families, and lifestyles being totally disrupted and destroyed, never to be restored again. This was a very devastating time for the people of the northern ten tribes who were considered and called by the name of “Israel.”

Notice this peculiar statement—peculiar because it doesn’t seem to fit the context of the time of the writing. Even modern liberal scholars will consider this section part of an “interpolation”—an insertion—but they don’t explain anything about this interruption in the context. Regardless of this mitigation, notice: “And the remnant of Jacob [Israel] shall be in the midst of many people as dew from the LORD… And the remnant of Jacob [Israel] shall be among the Gentiles in the midst of many people as a lion [king of the forest] among the beasts of the forest [other nations], as a young lion among the flocks of sheep [gentle and harmless]: who, IF he [this lion] goeth through, both treadeth down, and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver” (Micah 5:7–8). In other words, he could easily have his own way with any nation or “beast” of the earth or “forest” if he chose to do so.

Incredibly, this nation Israel is described as the gentle young lion, soft, playful, and harmless, but it could also be powerful when needed toward the other “beasts of the forest.” It was profiled as this “Israelite lion of a nation,” and is both gentle as well as powerful—so powerful and mighty that if it wanted to, it could annihilate all the other “beasts of the forest,” which figuratively speaking is the nations of the world.

However, this is important to keep in mind: the original nation of Israel at the time of this writing did not match the profile described! It was under siege and being taken down and conquered by the Assyrian Empire. Also, keep in mind, world history proves the Jews, or the nation of Judah, never achieved such national status that could be described as a powerful worldwide “lion of a nation” since their demise by the Babylonians, approximately 120 years later.

Now, take a moment and remember: at the time of this writing, Israel was a divided nation. The two divisions were defined as Judah to the south, with its capital city, Jerusalem, and the ten-tribe nation called Israel to the north, with its capital city, Samaria. Four books in the Old Testament are dedicated to the chronicling of the divided kingdom period. They are 1 and 2 Kings and 1 and 2 Chronicles. Both nations were very affluent at this time and were territorially as large as they were during the reign of King Solomon.

The northern nation, called Israel, was now under siege by the Assyrian Empire. The Assyrians had commenced invasions from as early as about 745 BCE into the northern territories, beginning with Tiglath-pileser III, who conquered multiple cities, occupying the land, and carried away many Israelites into captivity. This siege lasted for approximately sixty five years, lead by a variety of Assyrian Kings that finally culminated with Sargon II, who ultimately conquered and occupied the capital city of Samaria.

Though Judah to the south was entangled to a lesser degree, the pro-Assyrian policies of King Ahaz kept them fairly secure during this time (see 2 Kings 15–19). This was the environment of the time and conditions surrounding Micah’s life during his prophecy (740–687 BCE)—and whose warnings had emphasis primarily directed toward the northern kingdom of Israel—not necessarily Judah in the south.

With this in mind, reread Micah 5:7–8, and then ask yourself: how does this make any sense—when this writing occurred while the nation was being overrun by enemy troops and invading Assyrian hoards who were burning, pillaging, raping, and killing everything in sight? It makes no sense in the context of Micah’s life, since at this time the northern ten tribes of Israel—not Judah—were being conquered and overrun by these Assyrian invaders! It was in the process of being “taken out” as a nation, which resulted in Israel—not Judah—becoming a vassal state for Assyria (2 Kings 17:23–24).

So, what is Micah saying? What does this writing mean? What is he thinking? How does it make sense within the context? Read it again, please, and consider the conditions—the “real time” circumstances of Micah’s day! Clearly, either this is some cruel, idealistic “psycho-babble” to make everyone feel good, because it definitely wasn’t a good time for the people of the northern ten tribes; or it was, indeed, a “prophetic interruption/insertion” portraying a future time, which would apply to a latter-day culture of people considered or profiled as—cultural descendents of, or a remnant of—Israel; and characterized, at that time in the future, as a powerful lion among the Gentiles of the “forest,” or world, that had the potential to be both dominantly ferocious, and gentle among the “beasts,” or nations of the world.

Considering the conditions at the time of the original writing, this portion of the text wasn’t intended for those particular Israelites during Micah’s lifetime. It just couldn’t have been, because it makes no sense! Remember, they were about to be exiled out of the territory as captives, losing their nation, never to return! For all intents and purposes, this was the end of the northern nation of Israel. Only Judah remained (2 Kings 17:18).

Therefore, we have no other option but to look elsewhere for those remnant descendants who are the recipients of the birthright promises and were to become a powerful company of nations and nation of people (Genesis 48:19), characterized as a lion among the beasts and also profiled as gentle, as a lion among the flocks of sheep. However, unlike what was happening to them at the time of Micah’s writing—at this time in the future, they would become so overwhelmingly powerful, if they decided to have their way with any nation, the capability was within their power to conquer them. Notice, “Thine [these birthright people] hand shall be lifted up upon thine adversaries, and all thine enemies shall be cut off” (Micah 5:9). The Jews never achieved this kind of national power! They have always been a subjugated people, or a people without a nation, wandering among the nations, relegated to regional communities and/or neighborhoods—that is, of course, until 1948.

Clearly, at the time of Micah’s writing, the original ten-tribe nation of Israel was not the one described either! The reason is unmistakable—they were under siege and losing their nation to the Assyrians who were overrunning the country and turning them into a vassal state for the Assyria Empire. Far from being characterized as a lion, the result was they were conquered, occupied, and cut off! They went down without much of a whimper according to the historical and archeological records of the Assyrian conquests. It wasn’t a difficult invasion and occupation for the very brutal and merciless Assyrian war machine.

Therefore, we’re left with no alternative but to consider it a prophetic insertion from God. He was encouraging Israel, the ten-tribe nation, assuring them the time would come when they as a nation again, made up from a “remnant” of Israel, Jacob, but at a later time, out into the future—would indeed match the profile described—because they certainly didn’t match it at this time when Micah originally wrote these statements.

Keep in mind, oddly enough, the United States, together with the

Commonwealth Empire of Britain, did match that profile throughout the twentieth century. But sadly, that time has passed, and it’s becoming discernable by virtue of the current political decisions and cultural proclivities within the United States and England’s decline and loss of its Commonwealth nation network, that God is beginning to leave these cultures to their own lusts, humanistic appetites, and secular idolatries: as He did to original ancient Israel. As a culture of people, we are becoming reprobate—noticeably void of judgment, calling that which is right, wrong, and that which is good, bad—unequivocally, engaged in debates that should not be debated, and yet they are!

Many would agree with Hosea (another prophet who lived right before Micah), who said, “For Israel slideth back as a backsliding heifer: now the LORD will feed them as a lamb in a large place [they will become the dinner for others: conquered]. Ephraim [Israel] is joined to idols: let him alone” (Hosea 4:16–17). In other words, God was pulling Himself back and removing His hedge of protection.

“Their drink is sour: they have committed whoredom continually: her rulers with shame do love [they love shame], Give ye. The wind hath bound her up in her wings, and they shall be ashamed because of their sacrifices [they will be blown away]” (Hosea 4:18–19). And that’s exactly what the Assyrians did; they took them all away and displaced them into the cities of Assyria and the Medes (2 Kings 17:5–6, 20–24).

Now, back to Micah who continues to say, in context, to those profiled as this “leftover,” this remnant of Jacob that would become powerful, yet gentle: “And it shall come to pass in that day [not Micah’s day, because ancient Israel was under siege. This was for another time, many centuries from the time of the original writing, when a portion, trace, leftover, remnant of these cultures would come to dominance], saith the LORD, that I will cut off thy horses out of the midst of thee, and I will destroy thy chariots [the remnant of Israel’s military]: And I will cut off the cities of thy land, and throw down all thy strong holds: And I will cut off witchcrafts…” (Micah 5:10–12). Notice, this is after this same “remnant of Jacob” achieved “lion” status, or dominance, among the nations of the world.

Remember, you can’t be a remnant, a residue, a leftover, or surviving portion, until you have been reduced or eliminated from the original size and condition of your nation; and this was exactly what was happening while this was being written. The northern ten tribes, the original nation, remember, were very wealthy at this time. It was a good time during the eighth century BCE for the ten tribes of Israel. They achieved a superior regional status for a time, commencing with King David of Israel in about 1,000 BCE, until Assyria began its invasions some 250 years or so later. However, due to their sins, God allowed them to lose everything during this corrective invasion/occupation (2 Kings 17:13–18).

Therefore, the context of Micah 5:7–15 has to be for another time, many years in the future, and after this downfall, which was executed by the Assyrian Empire over four sieges that lasted 65 years and culminated in the total removal of all those Israelites during the years of about 750 through 685 BCE (2 Kings 17:23–24). This section of the text is clearly inserted for a time when the surviving portion/remnant that had escaped and migrated, would regroup and become like a lion among the nations of the world many generations later.

It would develop into a powerful yet sensitive combination of nations, and God would assure all their enemies would be cut off (Micah 5:9). But let’s not forget: “It shall come to pass in that day, saith the LORD, that I will cut off thy horses out of the midst of thee, and I will destroy thy chariots” (Micah 5:10). This is “that day” when this remnant would abandon the living God again, resulting in the removing of the hedge of protection again, thereby allowing history to be repeated—assuming of course, this future modern-day Israel—the United States of America and the British Commonwealth nations—doesn’t nationally repent.

The point is emphatically made: these texts are warning a people considered to be the remnant of Jacob, or “Israel,” that they would be at risk again of losing everything after regaining a world status, profiled as a “lion” among the nations of the world. If you understand the profiles of the birthright nations of Israel (Genesis 48:17–22; 49:1, 22–26; Deuteronomy 33:13–17), and recognize this as a description of an unmatched worldwide status that would eventually be accomplished—then it should be obviously evident that WORLD HISTORY MATCHES AND CONFIRMS THE BIBLICAL PROFILES to be the national cultures of the United States of America and Britain’s Commonwealth Empire who are actually carrying Jacob’s name, and are this remnant of Israel (Genesis 48:16) “in the last days” (Genesis 49:1).

The Voice of the Prophet Jeremiah

Though this might be too incredible for some to believe, let’s continue and consider what the prophet Jeremiah says as well. If we put him in context, we must advance approximately 100 years or so, to about 625–586 B.C.E. His ministry was conducted during the period of Babylon’s rise to world dominance. At this time Egypt, Assyria, and Babylon were all contending for world power in this region. It was also during this time that Judah tried to make an alliance with Egypt, hoping to strengthen its position against Babylon. However, in the end it proved useless, and Babylon ultimately succeeded in conquering both Assyria and Judah, while Egypt went back to its homeland.

Jeremiah’s ministry was designed to warn Judah, not Israel, that God was not pleased with the idolatry, corruption, and lack of moral fiber within the society of Judah. And it was at this time Jeremiah warned Judah that if the nation didn’t repent and turn back to God, it would go the way of its backsliding sister, Israel (Jeremiah 3:6–8). Babylon’s rise to power provided God the instrument of correction He would use to destroy this last remaining tribe of Israel—the southern nation called Judah. Remember, Israel no longer existed. The Assyrians conquered it about 100 years or so previously. There was no nation of Israel during the ministry of Jeremiah—only Judah remained (2 Kings 17:18)!

Yet surprisingly, Jeremiah discusses Israel at times, as if it still exists! Now some will argue he was using the terms generically, as a common, general reference, with no distinction intended. They will claim Jeremiah made no issue regarding the distinction of terms, and really didn’t concern himself with the divided kingdom. Though this may seem plausible at first, once you read the texts, it becomes obviously clear that he did understand the distinctions and separation, and indeed, plainly used the terms for clarity of certain prophecies that were specific to both Israelite nations—plural—of Judah and Israel.

The prophet claims, “And the LORD said unto me, The backsliding Israel hath justified herself more than treacherous Judah” (Jeremiah 3:11). Unmistakably, Jeremiah clearly indicates he knew the difference. He’s making comparisons between them to make specific and distinctive points of warnings from God. He goes on, “Go and proclaim these words toward the north [where Israel had been taken and migrated to], and say Return, thou backsliding Israel, saith the LORD; and I will not cause mine anger to fall upon you: for I am merciful, saith the LORD, and I will not keep anger forever. Only acknowledge thine iniquity [lawlessness], that thou hast transgressed against the LORD thy God…” (Jeremiah 3:12–13). Clearly, God is appealing for the remnant peoples of Israel, not Judah, who were taken up into the northern areas of the Caspian and Black Sea, Caucus Mountains, and the cities of the Medes, to repent of their wickedness. His appeal continues, “Turn, O backsliding children, saith the LORD; for I am married unto you: and I will take you one of a city, and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion: … At that time they shall call Jerusalem the throne of the LORD; …In those days the house of Judah shall walk with the house of Israel [notice the differentiation], and THEY [both] shall come together out of the land of the north to the land that I have given for an inheritance unto your fathers” (Jeremiah 3:14–18). See also Jeremiah 5:11–31; 23:5–8; 31:29–33).

Here is a well-defined, sharp statement that confirms Jeremiah knew very accurately there were two separate sections making up the nation of Israel. They are the House of Judah and the House of Israel—and furthermore, will be reunited in the last days, which plainly proves both would exist in the end times. Now keep in mind, all Jews are Israelites, but not all Israelites are Jews! Don’t forget, there were twelve tribes of Israel, and the Jews, from the tribe of Judah, were only one of those tribes (Genesis 49). Jeremiah knew this very well and understood the significance of being specific concerning these two Israelite nations because God had different purposes for each. One would be used for the scepter promise, assuring the King of kings would come from the tribe of Judah. In other words, Jesus Christ would be Jewish (Hebrews 7:14)—while the tribe of Joseph, comprising his sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, would retain the birthright promise (1 Chronicles 5:1–2; Genesis 48:18–20). There is no doubt about Jeremiah’s awareness, accuracy, and purposeful reasons for articulating distinctive verbiage of separation when describing Judah and Israel. He was not using the term generically!

Jeremiah’s End-Time Prophetic Warning

Jeremiah continues to warn Judah by making comparisons with what happened to the northern ten-tribe nation of Israel. Notice: “For the house of Israel and the house of Judah [both, plural] have dealt very treacherously against me saith the LORD. They [both] have belied [falsely, feigned, lied to] the LORD, and said, It is not he; neither shall evil come upon us [we’re untouchable, invincible; we have a hedge of protection]; neither shall we see sword [war] nor famine: And the prophets shall become wind [meaningless, irrelevant] and the word is not in them: thus shall it be done unto them” (Jeremiah 5:11–13).

Much like the nation of the United States today, the notion is that it’s all powerful; and considering its economy, military, and alleged benefit to the world, many will say it’s too big and significant to fail—but is it? Some would say yes—and up until now, history has proved this to be true. Through two world wars and multiple conflicts since then, along with a terrorist attack in 2001, it would appear the United States has been relatively preserved and protected from any major calamity, at least due to war. However, the archers are sorely grieving him—the USA and the UK—and shoot at him and hate him (Genesis 49:23). And up until now, his bow abode in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the mighty God of Jacob (Genesis 49:24). How long will the mighty God of Jacob tolerate and continue to “enable” the secular, humanistic, and epicurean social system that has emerged over the last 400 to 500 years, before He determines enough is enough? That is a question for all of us to seriously consider!

Jeremiah continues, “Wherefore thus saith the LORD God of hosts, Because ye speak this word, behold, I will make my words in thy mouth fire [destruction] and this people wood [fodder], and it shall devour them. Lo, I will bring a nation upon you from far, O house of Israel, saith the LORD: it is a mighty nation, it is an ancient nation, a nation whose language thou knowest not, neither understandest what they say. Their quiver is as an open sepulcher, they are all mighty men. And they shall eat up thine harvest, and thy bread, which thy sons and thy daughters should eat: they shall eat up thy flocks and thine herds: they shall eat up thy vines and thy fig trees: they shall impoverish [demolish] thy fenced [protected] cities, wherein thou trustedst, with the sword [military]. Nevertheless in those days, saith the LORD, I will not make a full end with you” (Jeremiah 5:14–18).

Obviously, this is describing a military invasion God is warning Israel about (Jeremiah 5:15). The question is: does it apply only to Judah, who was about to be invaded by Babylon, or does it go beyond that, literally intending to include Israel, too? And if it does collectively and/or separately include Israel, how can this be, since Israel, as a nation, didn’t exist at the time of this writing? Remember, they were conquered, occupied, and dispersed over 100 years before this was written! Israel is history at this point—unless, of course, it’s understood that this prophecy has a dual—double, or apotelesmatic—meaning to it, and the “Israel” in this context is in fact the end-time nation(s) carrying the name Israel in the last days.

Most will contend and say it is specific only to the Babylonian invasion of Judah, the last remaining tribe of Israel at the time. This is an acceptable and plausible understanding, considering the circumstances surrounding Judah. But consider what Jeremiah says next: “Wherefore [why] doeth the LORD our God [do] all these things unto us? …Like as ye have forsaken me, and served strange gods in your land, so shall ye serve strangers in a land that is not yours” (Jeremiah 5:19). In other words, this will happen when you forsake the God of Israel.

Remember, like it or not, its fair to say the historical record proves the United States and the British adopted the Old and New Testaments to represent the God of whom they accept as their God. They did not adopt the Islamic, Buddhist, or Hindu gods of the East—to the contrary, it was the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, including Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world. So, regardless of whether we believe these cultures to be remnants of Israel or not, the fact is, we have been immensely and enormously blessed as a nation and culture of people and rightly so—because the God of our Bible is the reason why we above all nations of the world have been provided this wealth. But sadly, this is changing—we as a nation are, indeed, forsaking the God of our forefathers: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!

What’s happening now and becoming frightfully exponential is the obvious results that these cultures have drifted into a secularized and hedonistic condition that is fast becoming similar to neo-paganism. And since Jeremiah does in fact say, “Declare this in the house of Jacob [Israel], and [that’s in addition to] publish it in Judah saying [and we do as a people, a culture, accept the God of our Bibles to be our God; therefore], Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not: Fear ye not me?” (Jeremiah 5:20–22). Don’t you think we as a God-fearing Christian nation of people have a clear and legitimate reason to consider the strong possibility of a “prophetic parallel application”—an overlay—a kaleidoscopic view peering down through the corridors of time for our day and age that this prophetic narrative applies to us?

Notice what Jeremiah goes on to describe. “But this people hath a revolting and a rebellious heart; they are revolted and gone. Neither say they in their heart, Let us now fear the LORD our God… Your iniquities have turned away these things, and your sins have withholden good things from you. For among my people are found wicked men: …As a cage is full of birds, so are their houses full of deceit: therefore they are become great, and waxen rich [by this culture of duplicity and corruption]. They are waxen fat, they shine: yea, they overpass [overlook] the deeds of the wicked: they judge not the cause, the cause of the fatherless, yet they prosper; and the right of the needy do they not judge [defend, plead]” (Jeremiah 5:23–28). Now notice what God says through the prophet about all of this wickedness and what He will do about it. “Shall I not visit [intervene] for these things? saith the LORD: shall not my soul be avenged [punish, take vengeance] on such a nation as this?” (Jeremiah 5:29). Undeniably, this is a daunting indictment to a corrupt nation of people and sadly, we as a nation, mirror this description!

Without a doubt, during Jeremiah’s lifetime, Judah was taken out by the Babylonians and for seventy years held captive as a nation until they returned to Palestine under the leadership of Nehemiah and Ezra, who were emancipated by Cyrus the Mede. But with that said, the message remains clear: “Declare this in the house of Jacob…[that is distinct from Judah, who’s mentioned separately]” (Jeremiah 5:20)—but why?

Remember, Israel, or Jacob, doesn’t exist as a nation at the time of this writing! So, could it be this information is targeted for the populace of the United States and the British Commonwealth countries that carry the name “Israel” and who match the description/profile of people that have eyes and ears but don’t see or hear the evil that surrounds them? The obvious answer to that question is a resounding YES, if we remain true to the context. Sadly, due to the lack of some of this knowledge, the people of these specific countries are being destroyed. They don’t want to hear the truth because they can’t handle the truth! And unfortunately, so many prophets, ministers, priests, and pastors remain irrelevant, because they don’t make these connections with the valuable warnings contained in the voices of the prophets that are so specific and personal to the hegemony of these particular nations who carry the name of modern-day Israel.

It’s painful to think that if we as a nation don’t repent and turn back to God our Father, through Jesus Christ, destruction and captivity await us; and yet, unfortunately, this is exactly what Jeremiah appears to be saying. This is not a pleasant message to be associated with. But then, announcing the good news, the gospel of God’s coming world-ruling kingdom, never was intended to be an easy job. As a matter of fact, Jesus Christ Himself expressed this warning: “Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets” (Luke 6:26).

Jeremiah has much more to say on this subject concerning both Israel and Judah, irrespective of the fact Israel didn’t exist at the time of Jeremiah’s writings. It will become much clearer in our next chapter regarding Jeremiah’s duality and parallel warning to his day’s nation of Judah and its contemporary application for an existing end-time nation called ISRAEL.



The Warning Voice

of Jeremiah


Jeremiah has much to say about a nation named Israel, but curiously, at the time of his prophetic writings, Israel didn’t exist as a nation—only Judah remained! So to whom is he writing? Why is he warning the nation Israel, when it didn’t exist?

In our last chapter, we reviewed what Micah and Jeremiah had to say about the Israelite nations of Israel and Judah. We were reminded that Israel, the northern section of the once divided kingdom, had not existed as a nation for over 100 years at the time of Jeremiah’s writing! Obviously, this presents a dilemma if we’re going to be contextually correct with his writings.

Remembering to put Jeremiah into his contextual timeline, we recognize one of his primary objectives was to warn Judah about the impending invasion and perils the Babylonian Empire posed to this last remaining tribe of Israel. However, in addition, it appears he had a message for Israel. Remember, the Assyrians had conquered the nation Israel over 100 years prior to his writings—yet surprisingly, he writes to them by name as though they were a legitimate nation existing alongside Judah. What are we missing here?

Perhaps the best way to approach this is by reviewing some of the more prominent scriptures pertaining to Israel and Judah in this parallel context. Doing this will help us see if it makes any sense when putting it into the timeline of Jeremiah, or if it makes better sense to use the principle of “prophetic duality” and overlay it on the end times, extending it out into the future. Let’s resume exploring the book of Jeremiah and pick up where we left off.

Exploring Jeremiah’s Writings

Jeremiah’s ministry lasted over a period of about forty years. Most scholars will conclude his prophecies commenced in about 626 B.C.E. and continued until the fall of Jerusalem in about 586 B.C.E., when the Babylonians successfully completed their invasion and occupation of Judah, the southern sector of Israel. It was over this duration of time that Jeremiah’s prophetic warnings took place, directed primarily to Judah. However, this does not dismiss the fact that throughout the course of his writings, he occasionally included prophetic warnings to the “house of Israel,” which, again, did not exist at the time of his writings.

Clearly, the larger part of his book is dedicated to historically chronicling the prophetic warnings to the original nation of Judah, explaining their failure to please God and His consequent dissatisfaction with them as a nation. Through Jeremiah, God warns Judah specific for that time. They were going the way of “backsliding Israel” (Jeremiah 3:7–8). However, as was pointed out in Jeremiah, chapters three and five, we see Israel mentioned during Jeremiah’s lifetime as though they were a contemporary nation alongside of Judah—and incredibly, also extended and carried out into the end times!

For example, consider this future event: “Therefore, behold the days come, saith the LORD, that it shall no more be said, The LORD liveth, that brought the children of Israel [all twelve tribes] out of the land of Egypt [remember, it wasn’t just the tribe of Judah that left Egypt during the exodus]; But, The LORD liveth, that brought up the children of Israel [all twelve tribes] from the land of the north, and from all the lands whither he [God] had driven them: and I will bring them again [all twelve tribes, Judah included] into their land that I gave unto their fathers” (Jeremiah 16:14–15).

Here is a perfect example of an event plainly described that did not happen during the timeline of Jeremiah’s writing. We’re told in this description a future Israelite exodus will marginalize the historical original Israelite exodus from Egypt. This one will be different and much larger because it portrays both houses of Israel returning together from the “land of the north and from all the lands whither He [God] had driven them,” back to the land of Palestine—and is described as happening again, and let me emphasize: at the time of the end!

In other words, this is a repeat of what was done originally when they left Egypt approximately 3,500 years ago. However, please keep in mind: Judah, presently in Palestine, and Israel, the remnants of the ten northern tribes, have not returned together to the land of their fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This has not happened—so it must be yet for the future! Therefore, this statement is not meant for Jeremiah’s time, but for a future time when Israel will be gathered with Judah and both will be brought back again to the land of Palestine, or Israel.

Some may argue that since the Jews are already in their homeland of Palestine and presently enjoying the international status of a recognized sovereign Israeli nation state, this qualifies as a fulfillment of this particular prophecy. But remember, according to Daniel 11:40–43, a future end-time Greco-Babylonian/Roman system will invade and subdue present-day Palestine, apparently attacking the Jews and conquering and/or occupying them a second time, as did the Romans 2,000 years ago and the Babylonians before them. Even Jesus warned us of an end-time abomination of desolation that would occur, marking the commencement of the beginning of the last days.

So, here’s the point: it appears the Jews will be displaced and militarily overwhelmed or occupied again by this future invading king of the north. Keep in mind, this event described in Daniel 11:40–43 could never have happened until a Jewish nation-state was reestablished, which was accomplished in 1948—making possible the obvious prophetic fulfillment of an invasion of a latter-day “Judah” in the end-time! So, it’s fair to say this portion of the “prophetic stage” is set, and they will be invaded and occupied at some time in the future once more, as per Daniel’s prophecy!

Surprisingly, in Jeremiah 23, this latter-day exodus is mentioned once more, except this time it plainly explains when it will happen and who it includes. Notice: “Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth. In his days [this is when: in the days of this Branch] Judah shall be saved, and [meaning in addition] Israel shall dwell safely [this is who it includes: both houses of Israel]: …Therefore, behold the days come, saith the LORD, that they shall no more say, the LORD liveth, which brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt [the first exodus]: But [instead] the LORD liveth, which brought up and which led the seed of the house of Israel [both nations, all twelve tribes included] out of the north country, and from all the countries whither I [God] had driven them [the second exodus, yet future]; and they [plural] shall dwell in their own land” (Jeremiah 23:5–8).

Here again, we are reminded this exodus, the regathering of the survivors of both houses of Israel, will marginalize the original exodus of Israel leaving Egypt. And it will occur when the Branch of David (Jesus Christ, Isaiah 11:1; Zechariah 3:8, 6:12) returns to execute judgment and set up justice on the earth.

Obviously, this will be at the beginning of the Millennium, when Christ returns and lands on the Mount of Olives (Zecharaiah 14:9). Therefore, it clearly proves there will be physical survivors of the tribulation, representing an end-time Israel AND Judah—both the northern (Israel) and southern (Judah) portions of Israel are described as existing at the time of the end.

This second Israelite exodus happens when Jesus Christ, the Branch, returns to set up His government! The Bible describes this regathering and establishment of the nation Israel as one of the first major “nation building” reconstruction projects at the commencement of the Millennium, and includes all the physical people/cultures of nations formerly connected to the twelve tribes of Israel, who were conquered and put into captivity a second time, in the latter days. Essentially, the international conversion of all nations at that time will begin with a physical nation-state of Israel finally becoming the “light upon the hill” for the entire world to look upon as an example nation, approved and managed by the laws of God, governed by Jesus Christ as King of kings!

Jeremiah 30: Jacob’s Trouble?

Admittedly, before that second exodus can occur, enormous geopolitical adjustments, rearrangements, and acts of war will likely cause the neutralization and captivity of modern-day Israel and Judah. Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, causing a time of trouble that ultimately will threaten the very existence of mankind. These events are still out ahead of us! What leads up to this? Let’s explore Jeremiah’s description of the circumstances he claims will drive this future invasion and captivity of these latter-day, modern Israelite cultures.

Chapter after chapter throughout the book of Jeremiah, present time-specific explanations of events are introduced with statements like, “The word, which came upon Jeremiah from the Lord, saying…” or “Thus saith the Lord…” Time after time, these introductory and qualifying announcements are used to clarify separate and distinctly different warnings contained thereafter in each chapter that generally are time specific to a select audience of Jeremiah’s day—until we come to chapter 30.

In this chapter, we are faced with what appears to be an insertion, or as some would describe it, a digression. It’s as though he’s writing completely off his time line, or out of context, compared to the previous chapters, and describes it as a condition he labels “Jacob’s trouble.” What is this about? Why does he interrupt himself from the previous continuum and then includes “Israel” in the narrative and distinctly identifies them separate from Judah? Remember, at the time of this writing the nation Israel didn’t exist—they were long gone and the northern territory of Palestine was occupied by gentiles. So, why is he talking to the nation of Israel?

Typical to the opening of a specific revelation, the chapter opens with: “The word that came to Jeremiah from the LORD, saying, Thus speaketh the LORD God of Israel, saying…” (Jeremiah 30:1). God proceeds to tell Jeremiah to write all the words that He spoke in a book. He then explains this particular vision and specific prophecy is definitely for both Israel and Judah.

Understandably then, it can only mean it’s for the future; because he includes Israel with Judah, and we know Israel didn’t exist at the time of this writing—yet Jeremiah includes them in this chapter as though they did exist—and furthermore mentions that they too will share in the trouble reserved for both of these houses of Israel. This is very odd and curious at best, unless of course we understand this warning is in fact, reserved for the future.

Now notice: “For lo, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will bring again [return, restore, retrieve, bring back] the captivity of my people Israel and Judah, saith the LORD: and I will cause them [plural] to return [bring again, recover, send back] to the land that I gave to their fathers and they [plural] shall possess it” (Jeremiah 30:3). God, through the prophet, claims He will bring captivity upon them, both houses, again, and secondly, He will restore, or bring again the people of Israel and Judah from captivity and they, plural, will return to the land of their fathers via the second exodus as previously mentioned. He then continues with: “And these are the words that the LORD spake concerning Israel and concerning Judah” (Jeremiah 30:4). He plainly states these words concern both groups of Israelite people or cultures—both sections/nations of the divided kingdom of Israel.

In addition, keep in mind Israel was already in captivity, and Judah was about to be conquered by the Babylonians and put into captivity—yet Jeremiah is talking about bringing them both into captivity again, or returned to captivity. What’s he talking about? How can he say this, when essentially they’re in captivity at the time of this writing? What are we to make of this? How should we understand him?

It becomes clear if you consider this as the plausible perspective: Jeremiah is speaking of future days, beyond his time, describing a subsequent captivity of a people considered to be the remnants of Judah and Israel, but out in the future, in the latter days, who will be put into captivity again, or returned to captivity. Clearly, you cannot put someone into captivity “again,” or “return them” to captivity until you have put them into captivity first—then you can return them to it later. It was in Jeremiah’s time when the original captivity of the Jews took place; and more than 100 years previous was the time for Israel’s captivity, by the Assyrians. The Jews and Israel have not been put into captivity “again” since then—or at least not yet! Therefore, it’s reasonable to consider: we are presently between captivities of these end-time cultures who carry the present day identities of Israel and Judah.

Jeremiah continues to describe a very traumatic and tumultuous time of travail, which will cause men to tremble with fear and pain, like a woman with child, illustrating they are pale or white with fear, because this is a time like no other—never before, a first—a time of Jacob’s trouble! But, who is Jacob? Jacob was called Israel (Genesis 32:28). He then placed his name, Israel, on his grandsons, Ephraim and Manasseh, the sons of Joseph (Genesis 48:15–16). It is these two birthright tribes or cultures that are being talked about in this context also. They are the ones carrying Jacob’s name, Israel. However, remember the original nation of Israel did not exist at this time. They were taken into captivity over 100 years before and never returned to Palestine.

Therefore, where the nations of “Jacob” are NOW, including the Jews is where the target of trouble is expected and located. If we can determine what modern-day nations fit the descriptions of Judah and the birthright nations of Israel, we will be able to identify this modern-day house of Jacob, or Israel. Keep in mind, Jacob was the father of the Jews also—so it’s consistent with the context to understand, recognize, and accept that this trouble will include the Jews as well.

As mentioned in Chapters 3 and 4 of this booklet, please keep in mind: the “Israelite worldview paradigm” we are speaking from identifies the United States of America and the Commonwealth nations of Britain’s once global empire to be the “Jacob” of Jeremiah 30, along with the Israeli Jews (Judah) presently in Palestine. These are the present-day nations of modern Israel mentioned prophetically as “Jacob” in these writings.

When and if one accepts this, and combines that understanding with the present difficult social, political, and religious circumstances these cultures are currently contending with, it becomes very clear: the present trouble these birthright nations are facing is just the beginning of what will develop into the very demise of these countries as we know them today. Our days are numbered in the United States and other Commonwealth nations associated with the United Kingdom according to the prophetic voice of Jeremiah.

Notice, going back to Jeremiah 30, verse 8: “For it shall come to pass in that day, saith the LORD of hosts…” and then God, through the prophet, assures Israel and Judah they will be saved out of this trouble. But the time is when King David is raised up from the dead in the resurrection. When is that? It’s at the beginning of the Millennium! This is the same time when the “Branch,” Jesus Christ, will return to set up a world-ruling government! This is when the resurrection of the dead occurs (1 Corinthians 15:22–23).

Read Jeremiah 30:8–10. God explains that at that time, during the Millennium, the “yoke” and “bonds” of strangers will no longer be characterized as leeches, selfishly benefiting off Israel. Instead, Israel will be free from this servitude and saved from afar, out of “the land of their captivity; and Jacob shall return, and shall be in rest [the second exodus], and be quiet, and none shall make him afraid” (Jeremiah 30:10).

As previously mentioned, they will be collected and brought back to their homeland in a mass exodus at the beginning of the Millennium, exceeding the size and scope of the original exodus from Egypt (Jeremiah 16 and 23). Even the prophet Isaiah mentions this second exodus and describes it as a future prophecy some hundred years before Jeremiah lived. Please read it: Isaiah 11:10–16.

Let me plainly state: this has never happened yet! The northern ten tribes of Israel have never returned from the original captivity of the Assyrian Empire back when it occurred in the eighth century BCE. They were hauled off as a conquered people and moved into the cities of the Medes, the Caucasus Mountains, and migrated westward, out from beyond the Caspian and Black Sea area. This is why they’re labeled in history as the “lost ten tribes of Israel.”

However, ultimately these people continued westward taking on different names, like Sacha, which comes from Isaac, or Gimri/Cumri, which comes from King Omri of Israel. The Greeks called these migrating people Cimiria, or Gimira and Kimmerior. The Persians called them Sacae, which later was corrupted to Saxons. The Assyrians, Babylonians, and Elamites called them Kumri.

These tribes of people finally settled throughout Western Europe, England, and ultimately North America. History has proved they matured into the greatest company (commonwealth) of nations the world has ever seen. Keep in mind, at the peak of the United Kingdom’s Empire, it flew the Union Jack Flag over two and a half times the geographical landmass of China—approximately 14 million square miles of Planet Earth had been colonized by Britain. Along with the greatest nation in the history of the world, the United States, these two great world powers combined their military strength and social leadership throughout the world, like the sands of the sea (Genesis 21:17–18; 48:19–20).

The birthright promise made originally to Abraham was fulfilled and passed down to his sons (Genesis 12:1–3; 49:22–26; Deuteronomy 33:13–17). But it’s becoming apparent the day of their zenith has passed, and the rest of the world is now socialistically emerging, and quickly surpassing these once very dominant “free market” Judeo-Christian “birthright” and God-blessed societies/cultures.

The world’s nations are now on a collision course with what formerly was considered the model government that many people on earth have literally risked their lives to come to—the United States of America, the only true free-market republic. It’s becoming more obvious that unless the governments of today’s nations control many of their own assets—natural resources and corporate entities—countries whose governments don’t subsidize their assets will find it more difficult to compete on the international level. A new “government model” is becoming more politically correct, acceptable, and successful. Disguised as democracy, it’s called state capitalism. It’s a more neutral term, and more palatable, and politically correct, than using the more accurate term, which plainly stated is socialism!

Clearly, the world is moving toward a global socialistic coalition that is described as becoming dominant in the last days. The Bible calls it “Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots.” Eventually, it will become a combine of ten nations, operating as one, directed by an autocrat (the beast) and fueled by a religious leader (the false prophet), who is actually possessed with spirits of devils, working miracles and going forth unto the kings of the earth throughout the whole world (Revelation 16:12–14). It will be this government and system that will eventually invade the Middle East as the king of the north, pushing back against the king of the south as it attempts to rule the world, and finally meets its fateful destiny upon Christ’s return (Revelation 17:9–18; Daniel 11:40–43; 7:23–24). Essentially, that is how it ultimately plays out.

But let’s get back to our question: how could this coalition of nations (Greco-Babylon, the king of the north) invade the Middle East, as Daniel 11:40–43 portrays, when it’s obvious the present geopolitical condition would not allow this, without the United States and Britain rising up to defend the Jewish Israeli state? Unquestionably, something must have happened to cause the United States and Britain not to be a factor—but what? Perhaps Jeremiah can answer that. Notice: “Though I make a full end of all nations yet will I not make a full end [not totally destroy] of thee [Israel]: but [however] I will correct thee [Israel and Judah] in measure and will not leave thee altogether unpunished” (Jeremiah 30:11).

Modern-Day Jacob Will Be Punished

Did you notice what He said through the prophet? “But I [God] will correct you in measure and will not leave you altogether unpunished.” What’s the meaning of this? Clearly, this end-time Jacob will be punished in measure for correction—correction from what? “For the multitude of thine iniquity: because thy sins were increased, I [God] have done these things unto thee” (Jeremiah 30:15).

This modern-day Israel, understood to be the United States, Britain, and some of its commonwealth nations, are in disarray. They are unraveling in many areas: politically, militarily, economically, socially, morally, and religiously.  There are so many things that could be listed to illustrate how far these cultures have drifted from the original tenets of their Judeo-Christian origins. It’s very disappointing that so many of their present-day leaders and people have become so secular, hedonistic, and void of proper judgment (reprobate), and refuse to recognize how much, as a culture of people, they have failed God’s expectations.

Perhaps Paul says it best when describing the end of days: “This know also, that in the last days perilous [dangerous] times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away” (2 Timothy 3:1–5).

Unfortunately, this says it all. Paul encapsulates in these five verses precisely what we are witnessing today in our Western society. As a culture, we have been weighed in the balances and found wanting. God is not amused by our misappropriated values and misguided standards. Notice again what He says: “For thus saith the LORD, Thy bruise is incurable, and thy wound is grievous. There is none to plead thy cause, …thou hast no healing medicines. All your lovers [allies] have forgotten thee; they seek thee not; for I [God] have wounded thee with the wound of an enemy, with the chastisement [correction] of a cruel one… Why criest thou for thine affliction? Thy sorrow is incurable for the multitude of thine iniquity: because thy sins were increased, I [God] have done these things unto thee” (Jeremiah 30:12–15).

The reason for the correction and future destruction and captivity is plain: our sins have caused the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to remove His hedge of protection from the United States, Britain, and ultimately the Jews, making us vulnerable to our enemies. Unfortunately, the demise of the United States and Britain, as we know them today, will contribute to producing world conditions that will essentially lead to and allow for the invasion and occupation of Palestine by the king of the north, displacing and capturing the Jews while destroying their current Jewish Israeli state.

The present trends are making it obvious: the United States and Britain are on a trajectory that will lead to more weakness economically, socially, politically, and militarily. The eve of destruction is closer now than ever before. There are so many potential perils threatening the liberties, freedoms, and sovereignty of the United States, England, and the Jewish Israeli state in Palestine.

Without a doubt, it’s just a matter of time before a domestic terrorist attack happens again, or some international event ignites a series of incidents that cause some kind of panic and alarm leading to a global condition of destruction and chaos, sending the world into a tailspin that generates the circumstances for this Greco-Babylonian Mystery government to coalesce and emerge onto the geopolitical stage for all to “wonder,” healed from its “historical wound,” as it begins to dominate the world, playing out the role of its incredible horrific destiny (Revelation 13:3–9).

These conditions result, and frankly could only happen in a world void of the balance of power the United States and Britain bring to the table for the benefit of the rest of the world. A world without the United States and Britain will secure the “times of the Gentiles.

This will prove to be a time of such great tribulation, that unless those days were shortened, no human being would remain alive (Matthew 24:21–22; Mark 13:19–20). It will be like no other time in the history of mankind. Notice: “And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles [a prophetic statement of Jewish displacement and captivity again, in our present day], until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled” (Luke 21:24).

This corroborates exactly with Daniel’s description of the end-time: “And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him [the king of the north]: and the king of the north [Babylon the Great] shall come against him [king of the south] like a whirlwind… and he [king of the north] shall enter into the countries… He shall enter also into the glorious land [Palestine, Jerusalem, occupying the present-day Israeli nation, putting the Jews back into captivity], and many countries shall be overthrown” (Daniel 11:40–42). Remember, this happens at the time of the end, just as Jesus Christ described in the Gospels. Yes, armies will surround Jerusalem again!

Regardless of the fact that God will save Israel and Judah out of this woeful distress and devastation and, additionally, Christ setting up His kingdom, reestablishing Israel and Judah as a model nation when the Millennium commences (Jeremiah 30:22)—the point of all this is very clear: what’s most disturbing in this time between captivities is the decline and devastation prophesied to happen between now and then to modern-day Israel and Judah! This plainly illustrates why the voice of Jeremiah deserves serious examination as a very timely and contemporary warning to the cultures of the Jews, the United States, Britain, Canada, and Australia, as well as a few others!

Additionally, here is another remarkable reason we should acknowledge this thirtieth chapter of Jeremiah so seriously—it’s because of this matter-of fact statement. Notice: “The fierce anger of the LORD shall not return, until he [God] have done it, and until he [God] have performed the intents of his heart: IN THE LATTER DAYS YE [you and me] SHALL CONSIDER IT” (Jeremiah 30:24). Consider what? The prophetic words of the Lord that are written by Jeremiah in Chapter 30!

The reason we are told to consider this in the “latter days” is because there is an incredible “parallel duality” and/or “kaleidoscopic connection” reaching out beyond Jeremiah’s time that is undeniably appropriate to connect this dot with the last days. Therefore, the prophet himself encourages us to apply this information when it’s understood by the generation who recognizes it through the paradigm of an “Israelite worldview.” WHY? So we can comprehend with affirmative validation the significance and urgency of our times.

And additionally, very importantly: we who have the heart and courage to warn the people of these great nations that their house is burning should understand because we know these things—that there is a responsibility to warn of the perils of chaos, calamity, destruction, and ultimate collapse building momentum and beginning to swarm around these specific cultures (Ezekiel 33:1–20)!

If you have eyes that see and ears that hear, then you must admit: world history is what it is, and the present reality surrounding us does indeed fit and therefore prove, the trends described in our Bible, labeled as the signs of the times for Jacob’s (the USA, the UK, and the Jews) coming trouble are in fact real—and are becoming more plainly apparent to all who are watching (Mark 13:33–37)! The clock is ticking!



Why and How

Does This Happen?


Jeremiah and a variety of other prophets have much to say concerning the end time. Many of their writings are very timely for the present; yet the majority of people today do not accept their “warning voices” to be specifically applicable for our contemporary times, or the cultures of the British Commonwealth nations, the United States, or the Jews in Palestine.

The world is fast approaching its appointment with destiny. It’s on a prescribed course to achieve worldwide socialistic hegemony. The Bible is very clear about a ten-nation coalition that combines their power as though they have one mind with the Beast (the autocrat), for “one hour.” This characterization illustrates that this “socialistic globalization” will last for only a short period of time (Revelation 17:12–13).

During this period, the Bible describes this Babylonian system as being extremely lucrative. The world will be beneficiaries of the massive size and scope of its huge social and economic reach. The whole chapter of Revelation 18 is dedicated to explaining the “effect of endowment” this system of commerce will have and the worldwide satisfaction it will produce.

While in the course of John’s description concerning the destruction of this Greco-Babylonian Roman Mystery system, we learn just how economically beneficial it is for the people of the world who received its “mark.” Here’s how John describes it: “How much she [the Babylonian system] hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously…” (Revelation 18:7); “And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication [political, economic, and religious intercourse] and lived deliciously with her…” (verse 9); “The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her…” (verse 15); “…Alas, alas, that great city [Babylon], wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness…” (verse 19)!

All these scriptures speak to the economic benefits this system produces for the “global village.” It is a system that, when it falls, the kings and merchants of the earth bemoan its destruction (Revelation 18:9–11).

How Does This Happen?

Since the beginning of mankind, organization has been the natural byproduct of growth generated by the performance of humanity’s work. To organize is the “consequence by necessity,” or the natural evolution from results produced through the working efforts of people and cultures, individually or collectively. With this in mind, the Bible illustrates and chronicles mankind’s additional and specific penchant for needing to politically organize, also. However, this unfortunately has led to consistent injustices, abuse, suffering, anguish, and distress throughout history. Clearly, man’s selfish and narcissistic nature has handicapped him from achieving the utopian results he desires so badly.

In Genesis 6, we are told God saw that mankind was very wicked and continually evil. It was so bad, God was grieved and regretted He made mankind. He decided to destroy humanity with a flood, saving only Noah and his family. However, it wasn’t more than two generations this side of the flood before mankind began to repeat the patterns of evil that originally caused God such regret and disappointment. The Bible explains Noah’s great grandson, Nimrod, from the line of Noah’s son Ham, turned against God. We are told, “He was a mighty hunter before the LORD…” (Genesis 10:9). When reading the Hebrew language, we understand that “mighty” means he was an insolent leader, a tyrant of sort, a powerful warrior, and champion of the people; while the word “before” in the Hebrew means against, sassy, disrespectful, or impudent.

Upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that not more than two generations after the flood, this man named Nimrod, great-grandson of Noah, a political and community organizer/builder, because he was reputed to have built many city-states, began to repeat the patterns of evil that led God to flood the earth years before. It’s plain to see Nimrod was a disrespectful, insolent-acting brazened tyrant, whose will was set against God and everything He stands for.

Interestingly enough, we see this attitude of rebellion and ego egregiously illustrated in the story of the tower of Babel. After recognizing this biblical background about the attitude and spirit of Nimrod being one who is bodacious and in rebellion against God, we should now be able to clearly understand the tower of Babel was nothing more than an expression of contention, audacity, and arrogance toward God. It was all about mankind combining his power and influence through the socialization of his hegemony in an attempt to make a unified statement of opposition toward God and what He stood for, which is really what was behind this effort to build a tower to heaven. However, God was not going to have anything to do with this, and proceeded to confound the languages, thereby humbling humanity and setting back the progress of man’s technological and social unification (Genesis 11:1–9).

The point is, it’s illustrative that man has been trying to achieve world control and dominance since the beginning. The problem is, he’s been attempting to do this apart from God. As so often is the case, when something first begins, like the nation of Israel, or when the church initially started, it commences with the best of intentions—but often, over time, the original intent of the mission drifts, and the abandonment of God is the sad result.

We see this coming to fruition today. The world’s community of nations is coming “full circle,” beginning figuratively to speak “one language” via technology and commerce. What was recognized as something not to be allowed by God during mankind’s early history, the tower of Babel, is now upon us once more, metaphorically—and this has caused the world to realistically pursue with renewed vigor the hope of political, social, and economic globalization! Ironically, Babylon, which represents mankind’s original impudent antagonism, arrogance, and opposition toward God, the genesis of his organized rebellion, is exactly what humanity revisits as his destiny in the last days. Remarkably, mankind completes the circle with this repetitious system that God labels “Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth.”

Paradoxically, this Babylonian system is being repeated again, evolving “out of necessity” because the world is becoming so interdependent and codependent upon each other’s technologies, economies, trade, and currency. Clearly, over the millennia of human history, we can see repeated attempts for this kind of achievement has failed time after time. Whether we’re looking back in history to Assyria, Arabia, Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Mongolia, Greece, or Rome—Alexander the Great, Caesar, Napoleon, Ghengis Khan, Hirohito, or Hitler—the truth is, man is in constant pursuit of world dominance.

Yet the Bible assures us, mankind’s final effort to accomplish this will result in failure once more—although this time it will be like no other time! Instead, this time there will be such tribulation and destruction that if the days weren’t shortened, no human being would be left alive (Daniel 12:1; Matthew 24:22)!

The Times They Are A’Changin’—Again

Mankind’s scientific, technological, economic, political, religious, and social development is in constant progression. It’s consistently and relentlessly fluid and dynamic. Therefore, the inclination for “change” in these fundamental categories generates an evolution to organize, which repeatedly leads to an effort to centralize power. This is what happened right from the start, two generations this side of the deluge. And true to this trend today, we have a history that proves there’s nothing more permanent than change—and the lust for power through war is relentless (James 4:1–3)!

Today, the world’s economic problems are forcing a “worldwide social evolution,” or simply stated, change. But this time it will be managed politically by implementing technology and science. This will result in changing the relationships of sovereign nations within the world community. The Bible describes a globalization that will be knitted together politically, religiously, economically, and scientifically by technology and commerce, resulting in changing—or evolving—the social order and conditions around the world.

Though many don’t realize it, these “changes” are already in the making and being explored by international organizations that are trying to stay “ahead of the curve” to provide policies of economic, political, and, of course, social stability within the international community. Unfortunately, the Bible outlines a very painful and destructive future for much of the world’s nations in the course of their attempt to achieve these changes they hope will eradicate the cycles of political and economic destabilization so often repeated.

Because the pursuit of centralizing much of the world’s economic wealth, including currencies, commodities, and eventually religious as well as political power—which all lead to structuring a socialistic world governance—the government of the United States, as we know it today, governed by its own separate sovereign constitution, would no longer be compatible in such a geopolitical arrangement. Therefore, this incompatibility is bound to lead to a world without the United States and Britain in their present position of power and influence. This will cause the world to be considerably different. The “balance of power” they strategically provided to the international community, in a general sense, for over 500 years will be at least minimized, going forward, leading to ultimate elimination.

Consequently, the “evolution by necessity” to serve the needs of a globalized commercial system in the fundamental categories mentioned previously will likely serve to dissolve the usefulness of sovereign nations, including the United States. The Bible seems to corroborate this condition of progressive social evolution when it warns of a coming world dominant government destined to be driven by a tyrant and false prophet, who are demon possessed, and will attempt to “mark” the masses for providing this Babylonian system a degree of control over the lives of the people. At the same time, it will attempt to eliminate those who refuse this “mark.” This will be a very perilous and devastating era in mankind’s history—and an especially brutal trying burden upon those in God’s church (Daniel 7:21–25; 12:6–7; Revelation 6:9–11)!

Events and Trends That Will Make the Transition Possible

We have already started down the slippery slope leading to the series of events and circumstances resulting in world conditions that will make possible the emergence of what the Bible calls the “Beast”! This Greco-Babylonian Mystery system, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations, causes the world to socialize into a globalized community of nation-states who will for a short time mutually prosper off the commerce generated from each other (Revelation 18).

However, in the course of accomplishing this objective, there will be some major adjustments, developments, and, unfortunately, forcefully violent restructuring of the present arrangements of nations and work force throughout the world; and this is bound to be especially disturbing and destructive for those nations prone to be more independent and lean toward free markets, like the United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and a few others.

As mentioned before, the present geopolitical circumstances are being scrutinized by many international organizations. Currently, a handful of major world institutions have been instrumental in exploring alternative methods of considering a better way of managing this progressive interdependent global village the world is “maturing” or “evolving” into. They are the United Nations (UN), European Union (EU), Arab League, World Court, and World Trade Organization (WTO), in combination with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). These are just a few of the more prominent ones that have already had an effect on this “world order” we now are beginning to see emerge.

It’s difficult to believe world conditions have come to this, but you cannot ignore or dispute the facts of reality. To help illustrate how some of these shifts have already occurred, consider what has happened to the United States. Today, it is virtually impossible to find something as simple as a toy that is made here domestically. Automobiles, electronic goods, appliances, and so much more are currently made and assembled in many different countries. If you look on the manufacturing sticker of an automobile for example, you may find it was assembled in one country, while many of the parts were made in a few others. Name brand or not, clothes and/or shoes in most cases are made outside of what was once the greatest product manufacturing nation in the world, the United States. Whether it’s in the categories of steel, mining, computers, automobiles, motorcycles, aerospace, shipbuilding, oil production, or chemical manufacturing, much of the production capacity has been greatly reduced and moved off shore outside of the US.

As a matter of fact, since 2001 the United States has lost over 42,000 factories. Of these, 36 percent employed over 1,000 people; 38 percent employed 500 to 999. Dell Computers and Ford Motor Company have announced the closing of more factories. In addition, approximately 90,000 more industrial and small commercial plants are presently at risk of closing their doors over the next few years due to a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is government legislation for business regulation and corporate taxation. This unfriendly approach toward business is literally driving the manufacturing base out of the United States. And sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any serious initiatives from the United States’ leadership to reverse these trends!

Additional statistics show the United States has lost in excess of seven million manufacturing jobs since the present recession commenced in 2008. Manufacturing employment within the US computer industry was actually lower in 2011 than it was in 1975. With over one billion cell phones manufactured worldwide, the stunning fact is, the United States manufactured none! Even the Apple I-phone is not American made—a Chinese company makes them in Southeast Asia.

A once thriving and dominant position in the circuit board manufacturing sector within the United States is today controlled by Asia. They also produce 84 percent of all circuit boards, worldwide. Industrialized cities like Kansas City, St. Louis, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester, New York, Boston, and Baltimore are today a shadow of what they once were in steel, automotive, chemical, and electronics manufacturing. The United States has enormous problems in these manufacturing sectors. It is far past the time and long overdue when the “wake-up call” should have been heard and answered! Instead, the “can” continues to be kicked down the road.

As we have seen large amounts of manufacturing leave the United States, we are also presently experiencing the unparalleled increase of national debt in combination with the debasing and decline of the American dollar. Recently, China has been quoted as saying that the time has arrived; the dollar is a product of the past and needs to be replaced by a global currency that is more secure and “neutral friendly.” Moody’s credit evaluators have cautioned the United States on its credit rating while Standard and Poors (S&P) downgraded it. It’s a known fact the US has printed literally trillions of dollars over the past four years, tripling the money supply as well as generating more debt in the first three and one-half years of Barak Obama’s administration than all the debt generated from George Washington through George Bush. The rating agencies are now beginning to consider the negative impact, which simply means a downgrading of US bonds, is likely to occur at some time in the future! It has become plain to most of the world, it is highly improbable the United States will ever pay off its debt. The financial community is now beginning to sound the alarm. There is growing concern the United States could, very possibly, default on its debt!

This attention regarding the decline of the dollar’s value is driving the global village, out of necessity, to seriously consider a shift—another change—to a world currency that will replace the American dollar as the world’s reserve note. If, or should we say when this happens, this international currency would be independent of all financial currency denominations and become the new substituted safe-haven reserve denomination for stabilizing world commerce, with the long term goal of eliminating currency exchanges—a one-world global currency!

Obviously, it has been advantageous for the United States to be in the position of having its money considered the world’s reserve currency. It has allowed the United States to print prodigious amounts of dollars without substantive bases for justifying it, while attracting huge amounts of money from all over the world to fund our trade and budget deficits without having to balance our account, simply because of the favor the dollar has enjoyed since this side of World War II as a safe haven and secure investment (60 percent of all world banking reserves are constituted by the US dollar). Unfortunately though, this has led to running up huge amounts of deficit spending and associated unfunded liabilities that some say, now exceeds an accrued debt of over 90 trillion US dollars today.

Fortunately for the present, the United States government controls the printing of its money and is now monetizing its own debt through the US Federal Reserve Central Bank. They are now buying US Treasury Bonds and mortgages to finance that debt (approximately 70 percent of the debt is being bought up by the US Federal Reserve Bank). In other words, they are now using borrowed funds from themselves to pay down their own debt, along with paying yields owed to other nations from previous borrowing! This additional “QE3” borrowing clearly generates more debt (interest debt due to charges from the Federal Reserve) to pay down existing debt, which unequivocally is absurd and completely irresponsible. It has become a vicious cycle!

Obviously, this is a recipe for disaster, and our “lovers” (allies) know it.

This is a major reason why other nations no longer are buying our debt, or treasuries, at the same levels they were some years ago. This was a con Bank to step in and buy their own treasuries; they had to subsidize the lack of foreign countries that are no longer willing to loan the U.S. more money. This continued “debt service economy” has also led to the habitual routine of annually raising the national “US debt ceiling” at the end of every year, which clearly reflects the ongoing malfeasance of our leaders to employ austerity programs for controlling our spending and debt! It has yet to stop, and appears it won’t any time soon. This simply goes to illustrate how the leadership of the United States refuses to hold themselves accountable and force the nation to live within its own means. The United States’ political leadership just won’t do it!

Unquestionably, borrowing from yourself won’t pay down the debtthis generates more debt! Basic economics tells us the United States is BROKE! Much of the rest of the world knows this, and is now beginning to distance themselves by stopping the “enabling.” For so many years these foreign nations, such as China, Japan, Korea, South America, Europe, the Middle East, etc., bought up the debt, which secured the ability for the United States to continue purchasing their goods and services. Instead, however, these foreign nationals (the Bible calls them “lovers”) are now exploring alternative options for a new standard reserve world currency (perhaps the Euro, Chinese Yuan, or something designed by the UN in combination with the IMF), while investing their nation-state sovereign funds into hard assets, like commodities, real estate, electric power plants, production companies, aerospace, mining, etc. This includes hard assets inside the United States, too!

For example, China is now looking to develop economic zones within a “host nation,” where they buy up local corporations for the purpose of turning their debt into actual business interests and assets. Presently, China is doing this in Nigeria. They simply buy up huge tracts of land in foreign countries and establish special economic zones in those host nations. Under these plans, financial guarantees—as inducements—would afford, for example, China to convert their US debt into Chinese direct equity investments. China has been working on programs like this with the United States since 2009. These are very serious economic altering programs that will, if allowed to proceed as designed, change much of what we know defines the United States of America.

Remember, China has now become the second largest economy in the world, surpassing Japan. It has also become the world’s largest exporter of foreign goods, and is well on its way to becoming the biggest national consumer of energy as it aggressively pursues its plans for urbanization. Currently, China’s economy is about one-third the size of the United States, but many are saying that if China’s present economic growth rate is maintained, they will exceed the United States’ GDP by 2020, or sooner.

In addition, China is also on target to “urbanize” 400 million more Chinese within its borders by 2030. Literally tens of billions of dollars are earmarked to develop “green” environment-friendly cities with infrastructure as well. This urbanization includes the intent to build 20,000 to 30,000 skyscrapers in the coming decades—this is no exaggeration. For example, future plans project Shanghai to be surrounded by ten additional satellite cities that will accommodate about half a million people each. Many are saying China is positioned as the United States was in the early twentieth century, but with state capitalism as their government model for securing their economic future and superiority!

Additionally, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been utilizing an international reserve asset called a Special Drawing Right (SDR). This has proven fairly effective in limited ways, and though it’s not a currency, it does have a value based on a “basket” of four currencies: presently, the yen, euro, sterling, and dollar. A special allocation of these SDRs was approved in August of 2009, increasing the amount from $21.4 billion to $204 billion (based on current value of the “basket of four”). Keep in mind, these are convertible, or exchangeable, into actual hard currencies of member countries belonging to the IMF network, which are, by the way, “interest chargeable” by the IMF. This illustrates the principle of how easily the IMF, or something similar, could be converted into a World Central Bank. Whether this specifically happens or not with these SDRs is not important. Instead, what’s poignant is the illustration of how the evolution of the world community of nations is being motivated by necessity to consider alternatives to create an economic/currency change that will soon affect the world in ways it never has, especially for the United States.

The world community is approaching “unchartered waters” as the Bible calls it—the times of the Gentiles (Daniel 12:7; Luke 21:24–26). The implication is clear. The birthright nations of the world will no longer possess the power or leverage of influence that has been theirs to exercise for about the last 400 to 500 years. Their ability to be the balance of power will be neutralized—they have become the tail to those they have borrowed from, which are now the head (Deuteronomy 28:43–44). They will become vulnerable to the “measured punishment” God deems necessary from those nations He raises up as His rod of correction (Jeremiah 30:11–15). This will render the United States, this “lion” among the Gentiles, a non-factor, as obviously illustrated by omission in the writings concerning the last days from Jeremiah, Daniel, and John’s book of Revelation.

It should become clear as to why the United States and Great Britain won’t be able to protect the Israeli Jewish state in Palestine. God will wound His birthright cultures with the wound of an enemy. Notice: “I have wounded thee with the wound of an enemy, with the chastisement of a cruel one” (Jeremiah 30:14). Why would God do this? Why would He allow this to happen to these modern-day affluent, materially blessed, and wealthy Israelite cultures? Listen to what Jeremiah says: “for the multitude of thine iniquity; because thy sins were increased. Why criest thou for thine affliction? Thy sorrow is incurable for the multitude of thine iniquity: because thy sins were increased, I have done these things unto thee” (Jeremiah 30:14–15). Unless we repent as a nation and turn back to our Lord, Jesus Christ, we will not avoid the “measured correction” which is the punishment of Almighty God, reserved for these cultures!

Where Do We Go From Here?

We are on course for some really rough waters! There are storm clouds ahead that portend some very difficult and painful times are in store for many of us, specifically in the West. Figuratively speaking, there are sounds of thunder in the distance along with lightening in the sky, forewarning us there is an approaching “hurricane” like no other in our recent history, this side of World War II. For many of us, it will be a lesson in humility, when the hoofs of the four horsemen remove the idols of affluence (the first four seals, Revelation 6:1–8).

Many of the pundits believe we will cycle out of this again, only to break through out into the blue, flying high, fancy free, and footloose once more. And perhaps that will be true for a while longer, but long term, there are different trends and facts to ponder that present some very potentially disturbing results. Why is this? Simply because this time the world and circumstances we find ourselves contending with are enormously and overwhelmingly unlike any other time in human history! There are particular circumstances building for the “perfect storm” that are coming together and gaining momentum.

As Daniel portrayed, understanding the end times would be reserved for a generation that would be living in a time of increased travel and a tremendous acceleration in knowledge and information. Paul mentioned it would be a time of intense self-absorption and secular humanism with a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof—like a neo-pagan society. Peter warned there would be scoffers walking after their own lusts, saying, where is the promise of His coming? Jesus claimed many would come in His name saying He was, or they were, the Messiah. He added there would be rumors of wars, nations rising against each other, earthquakes, famines, and pestilence in different places, while the love of many would wax cold. These, He said, would be the beginning of sorrows, but remember—this is just the beginning!

Sadly, we are seeing this confirmed every day! You can’t help but to agree, there appears to be plenty of rumors of war and natural disasters, and the love of many has indeed waxed cold, especially after hearing multiple stories in the news about such gruesome and macabre acts of violence that human beings do to each other! It’s incredible what things people do to each other—like mothers killing their own children in cold, premeditated murder, or young people killing children, parents, and brothers and sisters—over some of the most insignificant issues. It’s as though mankind has lost respect for the value of human life itself, including our children! It’s downright sick and maddening, all at the same time!

Adding to this fact is the saber rattling from Iran, which is aggressively pursuing its nuclear goals. Speaking to this point, 89-year-old Henry Kissinger said, “The danger is that we could be reaching a point where nuclear weapons would become almost conventional, and there will be the possibility of a nuclear conflict at some point…. That would be a turning point in human history.” Also, North Korea continues to test its missiles while adding public threats of nuclear aggression targeted toward the United States. Syria, and multiple régime changes and terrorist groups throughout the Middle East and around the world continue to forge, with determination, an effort to set up an Islamic Confederation/Caliphate (a king of the south?) with the objective of tearing down the “free market system”—and in particular, annihilate the Jewish State of Israel and the United States of America.

Unfortunately, many nations around the world are growing very suspicious toward the United States. They are becoming concerned our “house” is unstable, disabled, and conflicted; and there is anxiety among many with regard to our deplorable social, economic, moral, and present-day political gridlock and the duplicity of foreign policy we openly engage in. Much of the international community views the United States as untrustworthy, with a political and economic dysfunctional model, driven by a very self-centered, self-absorbed political agenda that is becoming extraordinarily dangerous for the stability of the rest of the world.

Many of us reading this are well aware of these things. So it’s natural to ask, what is it we can do during these times, as we begin to see so many troubling things closing in around us. Jesus Christ has much to say about what we—both Christians and non-Christiansshould be doing. Our Lord was very clear about His advice and what He expects of us. We will explore His instructions in more detail in the final chapter.



What Can We Do

To Prepare?


Our world is different today. Many nations are very troubled. There is a lot of uncertainty, from politics to economics and all points in between—and for some, it’s very disturbing because it’s finally beginning to personally affect us. Is there something we should do that could help us cope with this approaching global train wreck? Jesus Christ said, “I will give you rest” and “Be of good cheer.” What exactly did He mean by these statements?

I can assure you, every time I consider what I’m paying for a movie, a gallon of gas, or a loaf of bread; for milk, butter, or eggs; or for a suit, cotton shirt, or tie, I shake my head in disbelief at just what these items cost and how much the world has changed. When I find myself going through an airport, I realize how different the world is. When I walk through a shopping mall and see armed police on occasion, or in the halls of an elementary school, I recognize the world is not like it once was.

Knowing also there are varying degrees of national turmoil—regime overthrows, terrorist alerts, and assassination risks for leaders throughout the world and, from time to time, the general public—I’m reminded we live in perilous times. When I watch television or go to a movie, it’s a far cry from Gone With the Wind, Father Knows Best, Leave It to Beaver, or Gunsmoke—obviously indicative of a much simpler time. Even cartoons and video games today are in considerable contrast when compared to Pac-Man, Galactica, Mickey Mouse, Mr. Magoo, and Tom Terrific With His Mighty Dog Manfred.

When I hear of crime, like the Green River serial killer in Seattle, Washington, who allegedly killed as many as eighty people, or the Kensington strangler, who may have killed as many as seven or eight women, or Anthony Sowell, who killed eleven or more women in Cleveland, Ohio, I’m in shock! Combine that with mothers killing their own children in gruesome ways, while at the same time occasionally committing suicide, compounded by the shootings in schools, like Columbine, or Newtown, Connecticut, along with shootings in malls and movie theaters—it’s all so disturbing! Abuses of young children, involving a horrible number of pedophiles, sadly including people of trust, such as teachers, coaches, priests, and yes, even policemen—it’s enough to tear your heart out!

Most of us would agree the world is quite different today and has gone through some very remarkable and shocking changes in just the last twenty five to thirty years. As was said at the outset of this booklet, we are now having debates about issues that shouldn’t even be debated! They range from legalizing marijuana for both medical and recreational use to normalizing homosexuality, which plainly leads to redefining marriage. Additionally, we contend with whether we should be allowed to kill an unwanted baby, while disguising it all under the broad category of human or civil rights. Clearly, we are also losing the art of civility that comes with the responsibility of free speech. The rhetoric and name calling of leaders from opposition parties, as well as some of the organizations pushing or resisting the political and/or social engineering that is going on, is simply ruthless and “uncouth” at times. We have finally come to a place that can honestly be described as reprobate in behavior and judgment!

The apostle Paul makes it brutally plain that the loss of our moral compass is simply due to the fact that “they did not like to retain [acknowledge] God in their understanding.” Notice the context of this statement from Paul: “Professing themselves [mankind in general] to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man…. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness….Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature [creation] more than the Creator…. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections…. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient” (Romans 1:22–28).

Read this whole passage—it’s a stunning indictment against homosexuality and how this is a reflection, or an effect, of improper judgment. But more importantly, with respect to the broader scope of his point, it illustrates mankind’s desire to circumvent and undermine God’s influence in their lives as a guiding force for defining right from wrong! That’s what Paul really wants us to comprehend. Unfortunately, this resistance and indifference to God underscores the variety of issues, movements, and attitudes we find ourselves wrestling with—be it in our personal lives or in the bigger picture of what’s driving geopolitical initiatives on a global scale.

Clearly, mankind’s problems stem from the reality that he does not have a relationship with the living God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the spiritual “fathers” that we, His creation, need to remember, lest the world be cursed with a curse (Malachi 4:6). If mankind would recognize these men represent the lineage, the connection that leads to the true God, then humanity would eventually be turned to the Messiah and Savior of mankind, Jesus the Christ! This would lead to worldwide repentance, which would cause us to avoid the troubles we have been outlining throughout the course of this booklet. However, call me a realist, or perhaps a pragmatist, but considering the worldwide trajectory that humanity seems to be on, the “curse” that could be avoided appears to be unavoidable!

I hope I’m wrong—but if I’m not, be assured; the script has been written, and we are on course to collide with a destiny that is presented in no uncertain terms as viciously horrific! As a matter of fact, Christ Himself said, “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be [there has never been a time like what’s coming]. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved [the world would end as we know it]: but for the elect’s sake [those called-out ones, the church] those days shall be shortened” (Matthew 24:21–22). This is quite a chilling warning from our Lord.

What Can We Do to Prepare?

This question has been at the forefront of every generation confronting difficult times. Throughout history, mankind has faced troubled periods, which unfortunately have resulted in a great deal of destruction, pain, anguish, and suffering. We can cite civil rebellion and international wars, and natural disasters such as famines, drought, starvation, earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes, along with murder, corruption, extortion, and thievery. Man’s history is loaded with it—so much so, that God has conceded the notion that there is no end to the evil man can cause. The evil that mankind has perpetrated has been relentless! Jeremiah confirms this when he claims that man’s heart is “deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it” (Jeremiah 17:9)? This has been man’s legacy. His track record is littered with injustice, malfeasance, depravity, fraud, violence, and dishonor. Naturally, this has led to the downfall of many empires, nations, families, and individuals throughout the eras of time, including our own!

The Bible tells us, “The ways of peace they know not.” Also, “the heart of the sons of men is full of evil, and madness is in their heart while they live, and after that they go to the dead.” Regrettably, mankind has not learned the conclusion of the whole matter of life. Solomon wrote and identified it in the book of Ecclesiastes. He said, “Let us hear the whole matter: Fear God and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man” (Ecclesiastes 12:13). This is key to the success of man’s existence, but sadly, he has failed to recognize it, and insists on doing things his way!

Therefore, it becomes important we prepare, since it’s evident our world is about to repeat a cycle of immense devastation as it geopolitically shifts into the “times of the Gentiles.”

It’s becoming more obvious that the stranger (foreigner) has risen up and is now making the modern-day Israelite cultures the tail, while they (the Gentiles) become the head (Deuteronomy 28:43–44). The emerging markets of Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Russia’s recovery attest to this fact: they have become beneficiaries of the affluence of the United States and Britain’s material wealth and international leadership that has influenced the community of nations for the last 400 to 500 years, and especially since World War II. The exploitation of Western markets for goods and services, and the prodigious amount of borrowing that went with it, has run its course and now weighs especially heavily on the United States, Britain, and the European Union as well! The days of “kicking the can down the road” are finally beginning to generate pain that many of us are now personally experiencing!

Western money has given rise to what will become the “Frankenstein factor” for much of the world as the American dollar continues its debasing and the United States becomes militarily, economically, politically, and socially derailed. It’s erroneous to think the United States is a superpower any longer, when it is the world’s largest debtor country! We are only kidding ourselves, and our allies know we are delusional.

The United States is well on its way, going the same direction its “brother” nation, England, has gone. It appears the dollar will go the way of the sterling, losing its status as the world’s reserve currency at some time in the future! Hosea the prophet said to the people of his nation Israel, prior to the time of the Assyrian invasions (about 770–760 BCE): “Ephraim [an inclusive term in this context for the US and Great Britain] is joined to idols: let him alone. Their drink is sour: they have committed whoredom continually: her rulers with shame do love [or her rulers love shame, confusion, ignominy, dishonor]. Give ye [let them have it]. The wind hath bound her up in her wings [the nation will be taken away], and they shall be ashamed because of their sacrifices” (Hosea 4:17–19).

Admittedly, this is a statement for Israel in Hosea’s time; but when applying it in parallel as “prophetic duality” to the modern-day cultures of the remnants of Israel today, it’s a stunningly cryptic warning for the cultures of the United Kingdom and its loosely associated Commonwealth nations and the United States!

So, how do we prepare for the inevitable? What is it that Jesus Christ would want His followers doing to prepare for this coming international storm—this “time of the Gentiles”? Interestingly enough, in Matthew 24 this same topic was on the disciples’ minds. They asked Him, “Tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the age” (Matthew 24:3)? He proceeded to explain some “signs of the times,” but then became rather specific and personal about how to get ready for the coming times of trouble.

Jesus Said: Now Learn a Parable

Consider what Jesus said after He listed these signs of the times: “Now learn a parable of the fig tree.” He then went on to describe an example, likened to what He suggests we do to prepare for the changing yearly seasons. And the very first thing He suggests is to eschew “denial.” Accept that the season is changing!

Notice, after explaining that summer can be foretold by means of recognizing the evidence of leaves budding on the fig tree, He then appeals to those listening: “when you shall see all these things, KNOW [be resolved, be sure] that it [the time of the end and Christ’s return] is near, even at the doors” (Matthew 24:33). This word “know” is the same as in the previous verse that mentions we should “know,” with equal surety, that summer is near when the leaves on the fig tree begin to bud. That’s how confident and sure we should be about the prophetic times in which we are now living. In other words, have the courage to recognize things for what they are, so you don’t lose heart and become discouraged when conditions accelerate and become increasingly more disturbing in this changing prophetic season.

With this in mind, it’s obvious that the sooner we begin to accept things for what they are and concede the “times of the Gentiles” is fast approaching, we will be better for it. This should help us to clearly understand that the marginalization of the United States and the United Kingdom’s worldwide influence and military/political power will soon be upon us. Therefore, upon realizing an enormous downturn and reduction of personal wealth, coupled with rising costs for the staples of life and the loss of purchasing power, due to inflation and a declining dollar coming our way—along with additional social decay, followed by more political disappointment/gridlock and potential anarchy increasing in the United States and much of the world—we must be determined to be more emotionally mature, focused, and firmly established in our minds and hearts about what our Lord continued to say in this portion of Scripture.

Let’s listen to what He says: “Watch therefore: for you know not what hour your Lord does come.… Therefore be you also ready: for in such an hour as you think not the Son of man comes. Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord has made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season” (Matthew 24:42–45)? This is the question we need to answer in light of the coming social, political, and global unrest. What is it we can do that will assure us to be profiled by our Lord as a faithful and wise servant? This is a very poignant question for all Christians to face and answer!

Now notice: “Blessed is that servant, whom his Lord when he comes shall find so doing. Verily I say unto you, that he [Christ] shall make him [you] ruler over all his goods” (Matthew 24:46–47). But what is it that Jesus Christ considers “so doing”? This needs some definition. As this theme continues, we pick it up in the next chapter. Notice: “When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory: And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats: And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left” (Matthew 25:31–33). Jesus is describing the Day of Judgment, and He is about to detail why those who were awarded entry into the Kingdom of God were considered acceptable, while others were rejected. This is a very significant disclosure He’s about to reveal; and what is it that He explains? He describes certain acts of charity, and claims those who gain entry did these things (Matthew 25:35–37). He then proceeds to detail and identify these individuals participating in particular acts of charity, which obviously is what He expected, because it results in rewarding them with the promise of entry into the Kingdom of God.

It is surprising His statement stuns those who are rewarded for the many acts of charity they allegedly performed. They didn’t quite understand what He meant, so they asked: “When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee” (Matthew 25:38–39)? He simply answered them by making it plain that when they served their fellow man, they were doing it equally to Him (Matthew 25:40). This should be at the foundation of our Christian way of life. At the end of the day, a Christian with no evidence of charity is not a Christian. We read this same lesson in James 2:15–26. There must be a level of love (care and affection—agape in the Greek) that generates behaviors of charity—actual giving, which results in real benefit to others. This is what Jesus claims makes the difference between His true followers and those who are just pretending. This is the kind of love that Jesus was talking about when He said, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples” (John 13:35).

On the other hand, He says to those on the left, whom He rejects: “Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, you cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels: for I was an hungered, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink” (Matthew 25:41–46). The point of this is simple: those of us who are not developing a way of life that exemplifies “giving” are missing the lesson concerning the foundational premise that underscores the Christian way, which simply is built on charitable works. This is at the heart of the teachings of Jesus Christ. This is an important fundamental if we are going to be found “so doing”—because that is the definition of what “so doing” is! For some of us, this will become a harder characteristic to express as we become more entrenched in the tumultuous trials of circumstances coming our way. But regardless, it remains an expectation from our Lord, no matter how hard times may get, because this is what we are being called for—to become servants to mankind.

But, Is That All There Is?

Going back to Matthew 24, we find there is an additional precautionary observation mentioned that warns us about a few things. Jesus describes the latter days as being as it was in the days of Noah. In other words, it would be rather typical, comparably speaking. People would be going about with their daily lives doing what they would normally do within the society of the time (Matthew 24:37–38). However, He illustrates an interesting point of consideration: those who were taken away by the flood were completely clueless, oblivious, and ignorant of the times they were living in. Notice: “And [they] knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Matthew 24:39).

What didn’t they know? The “buds on the fig tree” were budding. Figuratively speaking, they were totally unaware of the significance of the times—of the prophetic season they were living in. They didn’t see the buds, or perhaps they wouldn’t accept what they saw, and therefore refused to place any significance on the signs of the times they were surrounded by—they simply dismissed them and went about their daily business.

The point is, for whatever reason, they allowed their lives to consume them. They became distracted with the secular, humanist, and materialistic interests of life in general. They allowed their lives to get away from them, causing themselves to drift from the more important objective of why they were born. This caused them to get blindsided. They weren’t prepared spiritually to deal with “the event”! And so, some were taken away as the flood did to those who were caught unawares, while others were left behind to be with God as Noah’s family was, upon entering the ark (Matthew 24:40–41).

Jesus recommends we watch to remain vigilant. He likens it to a “good-man” watching his house, protecting it from the thief. He explains if we watch and remain prepared, staying motivated because we understand being urgent and ready at all times will prevent the loss of our goods—which figuratively references our salvation (Matthew 24:42–44)—it is this individual who is considered to be the faithful and wise servant, because it’s this servant who remains motivated to be charitably “so doing”—even in times of trouble (Matthew 24:45–47).

As the chapter concludes, we discover a warning against complacency (Matthew 24:48–51). This theme is carried through on into chapter 25, and is again characterized in the parable of the ten virgins (Matthew 25:1–13). But interestingly enough, this subject is then expanded upon with the additional instruction of growing in grace and knowledge as illustrated in the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14–30). It then concludes with the graphic narrative of Christ’s expectations of charity, accentuated with specific explanations of particular acts considered acceptable by God’s standards, covered previously, which fall in the category of charitable works.

Are You Building Your “Ark”?

The Pharisees asked Jesus when the Kingdom of God would come. He cautioned them that it was not by observations, or by outward show, but rather through Him, because He claimed it was “among them.” In other words, He was among them, and in that respect, the Kingdom of God had finally come to earth—however, first to suffer, then to rule. Unfortunately, the Pharisees didn’t understand that (Luke 17:20–21).

He then proceeds to continue this conversation with His disciples and explains a similar story as recorded by Matthew. He warned them that the day would come “when you shall desire to see one of the days of the Son of man, and you shall not see it” (Luke 17:22). Now some would argue He was referencing and prophetically speaking of the invasion and destruction of the temple by Titus in AD 70—and admittedly, that was a horrible time for those Jews. It was a time when many of those victims greatly desired the Kingdom of God to come, but it didn’t. However, clearly the context goes beyond the more immediate future and on out into the last days and Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

With that said, again we find ourselves reminded by the words of Jesus Christ to be ready at all times and busy about building our “ark of salvation,” not looking back as Lot’s wife did. We are being warned continually that many will be surprised by the finality of events, which will bring suffering and destruction of such magnitude that we, too, will hope the Kingdom of God would come, but it won’t—at least, not just yet. Why? Because our Lord is on a mission! He is not purposely delaying His return. Remember, “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9).

This is what underpins our Lord’s timing. He wants to know how many of us are really committed to this way of life. How many of us are willing to lose our lives to gain eternal life? This is what He needs to know from us. That’s why we are told, “Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it” (Luke 17:33).

The momentum of the world’s trends is now unstoppable unless mankind repents in wholesale, which is highly unlikely! Instead, it appears we have begun to move up onto the threshold of the “times of the Gentiles.” Those “buds” are fast becoming apparent by many economic, political, and military conditions, along with various coalitions, regime changes, and the relentless efforts for global unification, as further portrayed by the United Nation’s Agenda 21. The “government models” of the United States and British Commonwealth of nations are in decline—currently they are being replaced by the more popular form of government called “state capitalism” (socialism). The stranger indeed, is rising up and becoming more of the head (the trend setters), while the birthright nations are fast becoming the tail, indebted beyond their GDP and strapped in debt to those they have borrowed from. American “exceptionalism” is fast becoming a thing of the past!

We are beginning to see prophetic warnings playing out before our very eyes, consequently defining the season we are in; and it certainly appears that a prophetic seasonal change is emerging. Notice what is said in the Torah about the nation of Israel if they don’t heed the instructions of God. “The stranger that is within you shall get up above you very high; and you shall come down very low. He shall lend to you, and you shall not lend to him: he shall be the head, and you shall be the tail” (Deuteronomy 28:43–44).

I don’t need to belabor the point about China owning over $1 trillion of US debt. Presently, the United States borrows 40 cents on every dollar spent. Additionally, our total unfunded debt liabilities, which include pensions, mortgages (Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae), Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, some say, are now in excess of approximately $90 trillion—and we are accruing additional debt liabilities at the rate of $1.5 to $2 trillion per year. The present US administration has spent more money in the first four years in office than what was spent in over 220 years of American history! It’s pathetic! And regrettably, there doesn’t seem to be any cooperative leadership from any of the political parties to date that seems to have any answers to the gridlock presently blanketing the political stage. As Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy and the enemy is us.”

It Is Time to Make a Real Commitment to God

This is a time of salvation (2 Corinthians 6:1–2). It is a time when we should be working out our own salvation by building a strong relationship with God through Jesus Christ (Philippians 2:9–13). We are told in Hebrews, “God, who at various times and in different manners spoke in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, Has in these last days spoken unto us by a Son, whom he has appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds; Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high; Being made so much better than the angels, as he has by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they” (Hebrews 1:1–4).

We have such an awesome destiny, and it’s hard to believe it’s ours if we will only believe in faith and obey our Lord’s instructions about “so doing.” Paul affirmed, “The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory [eternal life, as a born again spirit being], which shall be revealed in us [upon the resurrection]” (Romans 8:18).

Conditions are building that portend to become intensely difficult. There will be many reasons for attempting to justify pulling back, recoiling, and not expressing the kind of affection and care for one another that is mandated by Christ for proving we are His disciples (John 13:33–35). The prices of goods and services will underscore some of our perceived limitations, but we must be careful not to allow the surrounding difficulties to hamper our service to God and our fellow man—within the church, or outside of the church. Remember, all human beings are potentially sons of God and will have their opportunity sooner or later to be part of the God Family. Therefore, it’s important we recognize our sense of obligation to the unconverted also, especially as the times become more disturbing and people become more inquisitive for answers as to why things are happening the way they are. We need to be there for them, too, as lights in the surrounding darkness.

The answer that Jesus provides over the course of Matthew 24:32 through Matthew 25 speaks to the formula for successful achievement and entrance into the Kingdom of God! It is framed in the context of the last days for a very important reason, and it’s critical we recognize it. The warnings against complacency, selfishness, and hard-heartedness, and our vulnerabilities to these characteristics during times of trouble, is a point well taken. Clearly, it’s apparent that as difficulties become more personal, we become more withdrawn and attentive to our own personal needs rather than those of God’s and/or other people. This can be dangerous for preserving our relationship with God and the assurance of entering into God’s Kingdom as one who has maintained a “so doing” attitude and Christian work ethic.

With all the accelerated conditions of rumors of war, extreme weather, and the dismal political, economic, and social realties presently faced by so many nations around the world—at some point these circumstances will touch us, and in some way affect our personal lives, if they haven’t already. We must be ready to embrace the stress that will be upon us in the coming years (i.e., loss of employment, retirement funds, pensions, health, homes, etc.) and not allow these losses to cause us to become “dysfunctional Christians.” Regardless of the negative forces we may face, remember: all things are possible through Christ Jesus. Paul further reminds us, “If God be for us, who can be against us?” And Jesus says, “Come unto me, you who are heavy burdened, and I will give you relief.”

So, with all that’s been said throughout the course of this booklet, keep in mind the solution to successfully coping with the world we find ourselves in, can simply be stated: Get right with God! Follow the instructions of Peter, and do what he said when he was asked, “What shall we do?” Peter stated very assuredly and candidly, “Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit” (Acts 2:37–38).

It’s time for all of us to consider our relationship with God the Father and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Those of us who are baptized need to understand that God has certain expectations of us. Therefore, it’s incumbent upon all Christians to rise to the calling we’ve been given and achieve the profile described as one who has been found “so doing” in the work of serving charitably to God and mankind in general—within the church and/or outside of it as well.

Those of us who are not baptized need to begin to seriously consider a relationship with God the Father, through Jesus Christ, because they are the keys to a life beyond the pains and worries of this world—and time is moving on! They offer quality of life, presently, in the short term, if we will believe and obey—but more importantly, in the long term—eternal life with them literally, as born immortal sons, in the Family of God!