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Why Do We Refuse to Believe?

The debate has continued to rage on; does He or doesn’t He exist? We have seen so much archeological evidence that showed well above average levels of lime and brimstone confirming the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. We can see the Dead Sea Scrolls as they have been taken on a tour around the world. And it’s a fact that even the medical community has finally admitted that prayer has had a positive effect on the healing of sick patients, and medical miracles have been witnessed by medical doctors, according to the article, “Can Prayer Heal the Sick?” on Yet, the debate continues! 

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The Body

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it (Psalm 139:14, NLT).

Have you ever thought about how wonderfully complex our bodies are? How intricate the Designer created us? Just think of our brains for instance. A professor from Stanford University, Dr. Kwabena Boahen, stated that our brains are “actually able to do more calculations per second than even the fastest supercomputer” ( There is so much going on in our bodies at every given second that we do not see. We have a complete electric circuit system inside us. It is amazing to think how sophisticated the human body can be. It is full of different talented systems that have to intricately and cohesively work together for us to be alive.

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The Desire of God

Hosea 6:6 (emphasis mine):

  • For I desire mercy and not sacrifice, And the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings (NKJV).

  • For I delight in loyalty rather than sacrifice, And in the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings (NASB).

  • For I delight in loving-kindness, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt-offerings (Darby Bible).

I know it may be redundant to put three different translations of one scripture, but I wanted to show the different terms that translations used for the word checed, which means goodness and kindness.

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Freedom of Choice

I usually have songs going through my head. They can be anywhere from classic rock to  some stanza in a classical song to Christian music. My favorite is when I'm thinking about something and a song that seems to pertain to the situation pops into my head. 

Here lately I have been thinking about the fact that we can't control many things that happen to us in our lives, however, we can control how we react to it.

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The Lottery Mentality

We’ve all had that dream or thought of one day hitting it big and never having to work again. The thought of not having to do any work, but earning millions of dollars, gets so many people around the world excited. That excitement is the reason so many pour millions of dollars into our lottery system, hoping to strike it big. We all know the odds are not in our favor and the simple fact that 70 percent of lottery winners end up bankrupt, according to CNBC news. 

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Quench the Anxious Heart

I blog about lessons that I believe God is teaching me through my life experiences. Blogging actually helps me make sense of things, and, to be honest, there are many times that I know that God is teaching me through my own writing. I actually pray a lot for Him to speak through me. I do wish that it happened more often because, here lately, my blogs have been few and far between, mainly due to the fact that my life has been one thing after another for the past year and a half starting with the death of my step-father.

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A Weapon No Man Can Tame!

As a kid we had this saying, “STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK MY BONES, BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT!” Haa….we quickly learned that is the furthest statement from the truth we have ever heard. In many cases, most of us would rather have a physical bruise that heals than an emotional bruise caused by the tongue and lips of another human being crushing our spirit. An emotional bruise can cause some unforgettable damage.

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He Has Your Back

I really love reading the Psalms, especially during trying times. David knew trials and strife. He understood tragedy and blessings. He made many mistakes, but he repented. He knew the healing power of forgiveness from God, and he also believed that God had his back. His testimony helps my faith because “faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ” (Romans 10:17).

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Youth Matters

When you go to church, look around you. I want you to pay attention to the average age in your congregation. Do you have a lot of youth? If you do, that is awesome. If you don’t, your group is like the majority of Christian churches around, at least in the United States. According to a study done by Barna, “[n]early six in ten (59 percent) young people who grow up in Christian churches end up walking away, and the unchurched segment among Millennials has increased in the last decade from 44 percent to 52 percent, mirroring a larger cultural trend away from churchgoing in America” (“The Priorities, Challenges, and Trends in Youth Ministry,” Barna Group). The question we have to ask ourselves is, why? Well, according to Pew Research Center, the number one reason is “the questioning of religious teachings” (“Why America’s ‘nones’ don’t identify with a religion,” Alper). Just a quick side note, the term “nones” means someone who doesn’t identify with any religion. They do not consider themselves agnostic, atheist, or any other type of religion.

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Can America Be Great Again?...from a Christian Perspective

This is the question the entire world is pondering…. “Can America Be Great Again?” We are all aware that America and the British Commonwealth of nations are blessed because they are the direct descendants of Abraham. God says through you (Abraham) all the families of the earth will be blessed (Genesis 12:3). We can all see that America has done some great things for the world. America is the most giving nation in the world, donating more than $410 billion to charity and giving even more time to help those than any nation in the world.

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Richer Than You Think!!

Often when we think of the RICH we think of people such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Tom Hanks, etc. What would you say if I told you there’s a good chance that if you reside in a western nation you are the RICH the Bible talks about?! Do not forget the Lord your God when you eat and are full; bless God for the good land He has given you (Deuteronomy 8:10-11). 

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Have you ever looked around your house and thought, okay, it is time to purge this place. Sometimes I think less is definitely more. I hate clutter. I also can’t stand when things do not have a place to go. It feels so freeing when I finally take the time to purge a room. I separate everything in piles to keep, to give away, and to just throw away. Once the task is over, the room looks so free of excess, and I feel a sense of accomplishment and peace.

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Old Age

I reached, what I used to think, was the age considered old. You know the 'over the hill' time zone, the big 4-0! It is funny how getting older changes your perspective and definition for the term 'old age'. When I was young I thought 40 was sooo old. Now, my grandfather, who happens to be the young age of 96, doesn't seem old anymore. 

What I am trying to figure out, though, is why do people fear getting old? The alternative is not better in my opinion. What is better to dread your birthday or rejoice?

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Many times, when we hear the word “talented,” or “gifted,” we automatically think of famous sports players, musicians, actors, authors, chefs, etc. We often forget that we all have a talent/gift for which we may never receive acknowledgment from other men, but God has given us all talents (1 Peter 4:10). All of our talents vary just like the pieces of a puzzle, but when we put all our talents together, we make a whole. No one man or woman can do it all, but together with all the talents God has given us we can accomplish a lot.

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Examine Yourself

It is the Passover/Unleavened Bread season. I enjoy this Holy Day/week very much because it represents how hard it is to remove sin out of our lives. I can spend hours cleaning out my house and still find some type of leavening long forgotten in the freezer. It just shows how much we need a Savior, plus, how much we need to reflect and examine ourselves, not just once a year, but all the time.

The key thing is to examine ourselves, not to examine and point fingers at others. Why? Because in the end we only get to answer for ourselves, not for someone else, and someone else doesn’t get to answer for us.

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24 Hours

Last night after we partook of the Passover symbols in honor of the last night our Messiah was able to meet and eat with His disciples, my husband asked us, “What would you do if you knew that you had only twenty-four hours to live?”

Okay, I am about to share my first thought, and I am not too proud of it. My first thought was where could I fly that is on my bucket list and get there with enough time to enjoy visiting? I hate to admit it, but my first thought was about me and doing something really neat. Given, my idea also included my family coming with me, but still I must admit it was a bit selfish.

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Time Test

There are many themes in the Bible that are interwoven from the beginning to the end. Salvation is the biggest. Another theme is what I call the “time test.” I have noticed that the majority, if not all, of God’s people that He works with and through in the Bible were tested on how well they could wait on the Lord. They were given a “time test” to increase their patience, endurance, strength, and faith.

We all know their stories. Noah, who may have had to wait a hundred years before the floods came, is one example. We know that he had his sons by 500 years old, and sometime shortly after that God gives him the decree to build an ark (Genesis 5:32; 6:13-14)

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Licensed to Drive

Oh, to be sixteen again… We celebrated my daughter’s sixteenth birthday a few weeks ago. Honestly, I can’t believe that I am actually old enough to have a sixteen year old. I also am completely at a loss to how time has gone by so fast. My daughter now has a license to drive, and I am working on a license of trust and faith.  

I can remember this huge “rite of passage.” It was so freeing to be able to drive myself places, and it made me feel very grown-up, which makes me laugh now that I am an adult. Now, I wish I could hit the pause button on life and not get anymore grown-up.

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Praise Him

For a while now a point keeps going through my mind: “Just praise Him.” My family and I have had many trials over the past year and a half, which has a tendency to distract me from praising God. I realize this fact, thus the whole point of “just praise Him” keeps looping in my brain. I am grateful for this thought because it is helping me to become more diligent and proactive in praising God no matter the circumstances, and isn’t that exactly what we are supposed to do.

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Seven New Testament Reasons for Christians to Keep the Sabbath

As a Sabbath keeper I am usually perceived by non-Sabbath-keeping Christians as a legalist, outdated, or not fully understanding grace. They believe that the Fourth Commandment has either been done away, changed, or is kept by Jesus living in us. In this article I don’t want to look at why those arguments are flawed. Instead, I believe it would be more constructive to focus on seven New Testament reasons Christians should keep the Sabbath. 

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