Bible Study Articles

Bible Study Articles

Bible Study Articles

90 Facts About God...

God reveals Himself in His Word. But do we believe what He says?

Are You a Tolerant Christian?

Down through time, man has been hell-bent to create gods after his own image. Today, Jesus is commonly portrayed as a pacifist, a well-meaning but docile teacher, striking a fickle—even a pathetic— pose in people’s minds. But is this really the Jesus of your Bible?

Twelve Things God Cannot Do

Your Bible says that “with God, all things are possible.” And yet, there are some things God cannot do. Do you know what they are… and how they affect you?

Let’s Talk About Doctrine

There is one subject most of Christendom shies away from. Most hesitate to even discuss it. In fact, in many circles it is a “taboo” subject. “Don’t talk about that,” many protest, “because it will upset and divide people! Mercy! You’ll get into arguments and offend someone! Tell us smooth things! Prophesy deceits.” Oh, really? Let’s take the dare. Let’s talk about doctrine.

Who Was Cain’s Wife?

In today’s world, many have become overly dependent on scientists and scientific theories for an understanding of the origins of man 

The Kingdom of God— What Will It REALLY Be Like?

What is the Kingdom of God? What with it be like? Where will it be?—in heaven or on earth? What is the Millennium? Is it the same as the Kingdom of God? Millions scoff; others are in total ignorance of it. Only Bible prophecy reveals the plain truth about the wonderful world of tomorrow!

Tradition vs: Truth - What Do You Really Believe

History tells us that the Soviet government, as it ruled Russia for over 60 years, did everything in its power to repress religion. And while it is almost universally agreed that this state-imposed attempt at national atheism epitomized all the wrongs of government oppression, few are aware of how unbiblically pathetic the state of religion was in Russia before the Communists took over that country.