All our materials and services are offered to the public free of charge. Many naturally ask us how we can afford to produce high quality video productions and send out thousands of booklets and CDs each month. The answer is simple: On a regular basis, prayerful friends and members of the Church of God International voluntarily support us with tithes and offerings to further the advancement of the Gospel to the world. If you are moved to support this work of God, tithes and donations are gratefully accepted by mailing a check, money order, or donating online.

Contributions in the United States and Canada are tax deductible. Giving to and through us is an effective way for people like you to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Donate Online

We have recently upgraded our online giving platform to bring you a quick, easy, and secure method of managing your online, one-time or recurring, gift.

If you had recurring gifts setup on PayPal and you would like to set up your recurring gift in our new system, you can set it up right here on this page. If you have any questions, you may have them answered by contacting us at

Please note that you will need to create a new account with our payment processor Subsplash. Once your account is created, you'll be able to conveniently give through the website at anytime. You will also be able to set up recurring gifts.


We are switching our online donation system away from PayPal. If you have set up recurring gifts we encourage you to switch to our new safe and secure system above. We will be removing our PayPal link on March 15.

Donate By Mail

To donate by check or money order, please send to:

3900 Timms St
Tyler, TX   75701