Traditional Doctrines

Traditional Doctrines


Hell, You Say?   ( View as PDF ) ( EPUB )
Some say hell is a mythi­cal realm contrived in the minds of super­stitious men, but others say it’s as real as life itself. Who is right? Is there a real hellfire? If so, where is it? What is it?

Lazarus & the Rich Man: Where Are They?   ( View as PDF ) ( EPUB )
Do you have an immortal soul? Is Lazarus in heaven waiting for you? Millions claim that you do and he is! Can you prove it from your Bible?



Balaam the Prophet of Error   ( View as PDF ) ( EPUB )
Balaam was a mercenary prophet of the worst kind. He was famous, self-willed, double-minded, eloquent, presumptuous, and an evil counselor. Not exactly the kind of person you would want to bring home to your family for dinner and conversatio



Unquestionably, Jesus Christ was Jewish and observed Passover. Jesus never kept and Easter in His life! So how was this holy day changed? And who changed the day He observed, chose, and instituted as the holy day for taking His sacrificial emblems, representing His body and blood? Where is the Biblical record confirming the authority for this replacement?

Should Christians Observe EasterView as PDF ) ( EPUB )
To millions of professing, churchgoing Christians, “Easter”, is one of the chief religious festivals. But what do eggs, rabbits, new clothing, sunrise services, and hot cross buns have to do with JESUS CHRIST?


Three Days and Three Nights - Did Christ Die On a Friday and Rise On a Sunday? ( View as PDF ) ( EPUB )
Most of Christendom traditionally believes that Jesus was crucified on Friday afternoon, “placed in the tomb before sundown Friday night, rested in the tomb on the Sabbath (Saturday) and was resurrected on Sunday morning before dawn. Shockingly, either that tradition is false, or you have no Savior!