Bible Study Blog



by Margaret “Peggy” Hunter


How do we consider someone a friend?

Is it someone on whom we can depend?

How close a friend do you feel you can be?

Can your friendship be measured as the sand by the sea?


There are many friends in the body of Christ Jesus

But let us be friends to all that may need us

There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother

This, friend can be found in Gods church which is our mother


A friend is someone that will give his very life

And would not even have to think about it twice

A friend is there when you need him most

And you don’t have to worry if he’ll grumble or boast


Where will you find a friend such as this?

You won’t find his name on any kind of list

There is one place his name can be found

It’s in a good book the best book that is bound


You ask! Who is this friend in whom you can trust?

He is the one in which our faith is a must

The first son of the Father and the best friend to us

We all know him by the name of Christ Jesus