Bible Study Blog

Prayer In Action

by Brandy Webb

I wanted to give an update on Meriam Ibrahim.  I have been following her story since I heard it.  I do have good news, but she and her family still need prayers.

Ms. Ibrahim was released from prison on June 23rd.  She was awaiting death by hanging for charges of apostasy.  In Sudan, a woman is considered a Muslim if her father is a Muslim regardless of how she is raised. Her mother raised Ms. Ibrahim as a Christian. She refused to denounce her faith and was given the death sentence. In addition, she was also sentenced to receive 100 lashes for adultery because her marriage to her Christian husband was not recognized.  

Ms. Ibrahim exhibited much courage and strength of faith. Her toddler son was detained with her in prison.  Plus, she gave birth while shackled, to a baby girl on May 27th.  Through all of this, she would not speak against her Christian faith.  

Due to international pressure, and I also believe, many prayers, Ms. Ibrahim’s death sentence charge was overturned.  She still needs prayers.  On Tuesday, Ms. Ibrahim and her family were detained at the airport.  They were charged with attempting to leave the country with forge and false documents.  They had received the documentation from South Sudan.  As of my research this morning, she and her family have been released, and are now safe at the US embassy in Sudan.  

I know that there is religious persecution all over the world.  I know that this is one story of many.  I also realize that there is nothing new under the sun.  The persecution of Christians has been going on since the beginning of the New Testament Church starting with the Messiah Himself.  I am not sure what our actions as Christians should be about this situation.  I feel everyone may be moved differently, but I do know that prayer is one thing we all can do.

May our prayers be “like incense offered” before God, and our “uplifted hands like the evening sacrifice” (Psa 141:2).  And remember to pray “thy kingdom come” because none of us will be truly free until it does.