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Super Feast Site 2016


Land Between the Lakes / Kentucky Dam Village

CGI and CEM Working Together

October 17 - 24

Come to our FAMILY feast site!

We are pleased to announce that Christian Education Ministries (CEM) and the Church of God International (CGI) are co-hosting Super Feast Site in beautiful western Kentucky!  Western Kentucky is a convenient location for many who live in the central U.S.

Church services for this feast site will be held at the Kentucky Dam State Park where there will be many activities for teens and children.  Even though this site is in the midst of a beautiful state park and far from the hustle and bustle of any big city, it has family recreation attractions within minutes of our worship services auditorium.  These attractions include hiking, laser tag, zip line, go carts, corn maze, Civil War site, a buffalo ranch, 1800s local town re-enactment, country music show, and 50s music show. 



There is housing for any price bracket!  Kentucky Dam Village’s housing includes camping, cabins, or hotel rooms.   These facilities are conveniently located on the same property where we have worship services. IMPORTANT!  We have just learned that there are now rooms and cabins available at the Kentucky Dam Village State Park!  Yes, you can make reservations at the state park by calling 270/362-4271!  But you might want to hurry.  Space is limited.  If you have any problems making a reservation at the Kentucky Dam Village, please call Wes White immediately at 214/714-0356.  There are still camping spaces available..  To make your camping reservations at Kentucky Dam Village, call 270/362-4271.  Just let them know you are with the CGI/CEM feast group. Tell them you are with the CGI/CEM feast Group.  If you have any questions about the Kentucky Dam Village, call contact festival coordinator James Pollitte: or 606/742-2222.


Below is a list of housing facilities in Gilbertsville and Grand Rivers.  Most of these places are less than 15 minutes from where we hold services:



The traffic on the local highways is great.  No congestion.

We will be holding multiple Bible seminars for adults, YEA seminars for teens, and YEA kids’ classes before services in various classrooms.  And we will have children’s church for kids during services.  So you and your family will have different options to learn more about the Word of God.   There will be evening adult Bible studies as well.  You will have access to a smorgasbord of Bible learning.

Services will include traditional hymns as well as praise music accompanied by a choir and the band Peace of Millennium (led by Wayne Weese) from Big Sandy, Texas.   For information on participating in music during the Feast, contact Wayne Weese.  You are welcome to play an instrument or sing during congregational music.  We will send you music to learn before the Feast.  Wayne’s email address is  Wayne will also schedule special music.  

We will also have a senior citizens’ luncheon and a pizza party for kids.  There will be other in-house activities such as a fun show, a family dance with DJs, a ladies’ luncheon, and a pie-and-ice cream evening with live professional entertainment.  There is boat rental available next door to Kentucky Dam Village.

We hope you will consider celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles with us at this safe Feast site where you and your family can enjoy God’s autumn festival days as taught in Leviticus 23.  Come make new friends.  Come make memories with your family, friends, and brethren.

To find the location of Kentucky Dam Village look up directions to 166 Upper Village Drive; Gilbertsville KY 42044.

More information will be posted as we continue to add events.  We look forward to serving you and your family at Land Between the Lakes.  Contact us at CEM or CGI to find out more!  If you have any questions, check out our websites or Or contact Wes White: or 214/714-0356.


Teachers are needed at LBL Feast Site

Do you want to enrich your Feast experience?  It’s easy.  Help teach our children and teens the Bible at the Land Between the Lakes Feast site.  

We are offering different types of classes for kids.  One of them is YEA.  We’d like to ask you to consider teaching one of these classes.  We need men as well as women. 

Teaching YEA classes is easy.  We provide virtually everything you need – state of the art, full-color YEA books for five age groups.  These come with a teacher’s guide giving all the instruction you need.  Our goal is to make each class fun, exciting, and maybe a bit noisy.  We aim for each class to be a memorable experience for every child or teen. 

But we need you.  Each class is designed to have more than one teacher.  We like men to help with YEA because some of our kids don’t have a dad in their home and they need father figures in the church.  Teaching a YEA class will be an uplifting experience for men and women teachers.  You will look forward to seeing kids’ smiling faces each day.  More than that, you’ll see the dawn of understanding God’s Word shine on the faces of kids as they learn the love of God. 


Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity.”  (Psalm 133:1)