Bible Study Blog

I’m starting with the man in the mirror!

by Jeremy Brown

This line may sound familiar to you; it’s from the song “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson. Are we honestly taking an unbiased look at the man/woman in the mirror? Are we emulating a true follower of Christ or are we looking in the mirror and seeing a mirage! Are we seeing ourselves as a good Christian, while those around us see us as hypocrites? Every time I turn on the television there are so many stories of hate going on. Someone hates someone of opposing political views, social class, etc., and unfortunately the church isn’t oblivious to it. Many churches have had their share of splits and many people hate others from other churches with the same beliefs. Is this the correct attitude from those who claim to be true followers of Christ! Christ says if a man can’t love his neighbor, who he sees daily, how can he love the One he has never seen (1 John 4:20-21)?

Many of us Christians can be braggadocios when it pertains to the knowledge God has bestowed upon us, but are we always striving to be the best example of Christ’s word we can be. God says that the servant who knows His word but neglects to do it will be beaten with many stripes, but the one who knows little but does what he knows will be beaten with fewer stripes (Luke 12:47-48). It is saddening to see those of us who know and acknowledge Christ’s word, refusing to follow Christ and doing things our way. We human beings have caused each other so much unneeded pain and will continue to cause each other pain as long as we choose our way over God’s way. We have no excuse when we acknowledge God’s word but continue to do things our way, which is usually the wrong way. None of this is easy, but we must continue as followers of Christ to be that light on the hill and always strive to be an example for those looking for an example from Christ’s followers (Matthew 5:14). We all need to take an honest look at the man/woman in the mirror!