Bible Study Blog

Why Do We Refuse to Believe?

by Jeremy Brown

The debate has continued to rage on; does He or doesn’t He exist? We have seen so much archeological evidence that showed well above average levels of lime and brimstone confirming the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. We can see the Dead Sea Scrolls as they have been taken on a tour around the world. And it’s a fact that even the medical community has finally admitted that prayer has had a positive effect on the healing of sick patients, and medical miracles have been witnessed by medical doctors, according to the article, “Can Prayer Heal the Sick?” on Yet, the debate continues! The Bible tells us why human beings refuse to believe and will continue to promote theories such as Darwinism, etc., over Christianity. The human mind is enmity to God and His laws; we want to do things our way and not be subject to His laws (Romans 8:7).

In our day and age no one wants to be subject to even the laws of men. We challenge authority and ask, “Why can’t I just do what brings me pleasure?” Who cares if my actions harm the rest of society, as long as I am happy! (Jeremiah 4:22) Man wants to do only what is right in his own eyes. (Proverbs 21:2) Just turn on the news and you can see the disdain for the rule of law. So how do we expect people to willingly subject themselves to the will of God if we constantly challenge man’s authority despite God saying we are to obey man’s governments as long as their laws don’t contradict His Word?! (Matthew 22:21).

All too often man prefers to even commit idolatry by serving the creation over the Creator! In the book, Reason to Believe Rudolf Otto did a massive study on the effects of the experience of the holy on different cultures. Otto found that from the cultures of the Fiji Islands to Washington, D.C. we have a strong sense of mixed feelings of dread and fascination when it comes to the holy. The Bible even confirms multiple instances of when men have confronted the holy they are reduced to terror (Luke 5:8). The thought of God being in the skies judging us frightens many, causing them to reject Him and seek forms of pagan worship, leading us to worship the creation instead of our Creator.

In the end we need to remember that our heart is enmity to the ways of God, and we only overcome our natural tendencies by seeking God, by repenting of our evil ways. We have to pray, fast, and study diligently to constantly work to keep our hearts focused on the one and only true God. If we need scriptures regarding God’s unfailing love for us, look no further than John 31:3; Psalm 86:15; and Psalm 136:26. Lastly, what other religion claims that their God made the ultimate sacrifice of His Son for our sins? (John 3:16).