Are There Troubles Ahead For The European Union  ( View as PDF ) 
NATO’s former secretary general Henri Spaak, upon signing the Treaty of Rome in 1957 —thus establishing the European Economic Community (EEC), currently known as the European Union (EU)—said, “We felt like Romans on that day...We were consciously recreating the Roman Empire once more.” How can this be? Is history repeating itself? Will the EU finally culminate in the rise of a modern-day “Holy Roman Empire”? Is it now ascending to its ultimate destiny with perdition? What does BIBLE PROPHECY say about this emerging European “beast”?

Why Christ Must Return    ( View as PDF ) ( EPUB )
According to a group of respected biblical scholars, Jesus Christ never promised He would return to this earth. The Second Coming, they claim, is a myth—a promise put on the lips of Jesus by His followers. But if Jesus Christ does not return, our world is doomed—there remains no hope!


Evidence of the End Times ( View as PDF ) ( EPUB )
Are we living in the prophesied time of the end? How can we know for sure?



Jesus Christ IS Fulfilled Prophecy!   ( View as PDF ) ( EPUB )
In today’s world, many do not recognize the plain prophetic statements foretelling the coming of Jesus the Christ as the suffering servant. They ignore the specific declaration of His Messiahship, how it was to be accomplished, and what it means for mankind. This eye-opening article will prove from prophecies of the Old Testament that Jesus Christ is indeed the promised Messiah and Savior, prophetically validating Him as the coming King of Kings and Lord of Lords!



The Great Day of the Lord ( View as PDF ) ( EPUB )
In three short chapters the book of Joel takes us from an ancient locust plague to the eschatological day of the Lord. How can two events so far apart in time and so different in content be related?


The Second Coming and Beyond (PDF) ( EPUB )
Christ promised He would return to this earth. But what will happen when He does come? What will the world to come be like?




The Restoration of Sodom (PDF) ( EPUB )
Jesus said the men of Sodom would rise from the dead in a future day of judgment. But for what purpose? Will theyagain be destroyed by a consuming fire?



What Does the Bible Say About the Antichrist? (PDF) (EPUB)
In the Christian community today, there is much confusion surrounding the word "Antichrist." What does the Bible really say about this term? Is it something to be concerned with today? Or is it simply a quotidian expression assigned to some looming prophetic end-time leader or political world condition out in the future?


A World In Transition - A Prophetic Seasonal Change?   ( View as PDF ) ( EPUB )
Many today wonder what is going on around the world. It appears socialistic principles are transforming the whole world. Over the most recent years, democratic "free market" nations have purchased overwhelming portions of their own business sectors and treasury bonds under the notion of saving the global economies. Is this a real solution? Or is there a more sinister motive working behind the scenes?


The Coming BLOOD MOONS - What Are They? ( View as PDF ) ( EPUB )
Intrigue is building around the anticipation of the blood moons’ arrival. Some of our modern-day Christian prophetic prognosticators claim we should prepare for some major cataclysmic events happen- ing to Israel over the next two years—that these moons are signs of coming calamities. Are they really? What are these blood moons? And what significance do the Tetrads have?

Can You Understand Bible Prophecy ( View As PDF ) ( EPUB )

Can anything be more fascinating, more mysterious than some of the prophecies of the Bible? The book of Daniel, with its great image composed of various metals and miry clay; the beasts with their many horns and the “little horn” which came up among them to uproot three other beasts; the book of Revelation with its mysterious seals and trumpet plagues, great dragons, a woman clothed with the sun, a symbolic “bottomless pit”—surely there is much in biblical prophecy to fascinate, puzzle and mystify!

The Church Of God In Prophecy ( View as PDF ) ( EPUB )
Jesus Christ promised that He would build His church, and that "the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it" (Matthew 16:18). And indeed, Jesus did build His church. He began building it in the first century, A.D., when He called and trained His first disciples, and sent them to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God to all nations.


Daniel’s “Seventy Weeks” Prophecy - Did the “Prophetic Clock” Stop Ticking?  ( View as PDF ) ( EPUB )
Since the publication of Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth in the early ’70s, dispensationalists have written volumes on such subjects as the “secret rapture,” the coming of the “Antichrist,” the significance of the establishment of the State of Israel, the “covenant” the Antichrist will supposedly make with Israel, and a “prophetic clock” that supposedly stopped ticking in the time of Christ but will resume ticking once the Antichrist appears and the church is “snatched out.” All these events, dispensationalists claim, fit within the framework of Daniel’s “seventy weeks” prophecy. But is this true? Did Daniel foresee the coming of an end-time Antichrist, who would make a covenant of peace with the Israelis, only to betray them, desecrate their temple, and wreak havoc in their nation? Are we now living in a “gap” between the sixty-ninth and seventieth “weeks” of Daniel’s prophecy? Will Antichrist’s appearance restart the “prophetic clock” and begin a seven-year “countdown to Armageddon”?

Needed: A Rational Approach to Bible Prophecy ( View as PDF ) ( EPUB )
Many have made the mistake of setting dates for the Second Coming of Christ, and the results have never been positive. Yet, failed predictions have not deterred the date-setters.


Who Is the Prophesied ‘Elijah’? ( View as PDF ) ( EPUB )
Long ago, God declared, “Behold, I will send youElijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” Just who is this “Elijah” whose coming would precede the day of the Lord? Has he come already? Or should we look for him to appear in the future?


Should You Expect a Secret Rapture? ( View as PDF ) ( EPUB )
No question about it—the Bible definitely teaches that the saints will be “caught up” to meet Christ at His coming! But will this momentous event take place when the King of kings and Lord of lords visibly descends from heaven with power and great glory? Or will it occur several years earlier?



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