Biblical News Updates

Why Christ Must Return

There are many things today that illustrate we are living in a world that seems to be unraveling. Whether in politics, religion, arts, or culture, conditions are being redefined. And many of these new perspectives are outgrowths of Identity Politics, Moral Relativism, and Post Modernism. These three trends combined with Political Correctness have “handcuffed” our 21st century times into a morass of confusion.

So many circumstances are in flux that at times you never know what might change tomorrow. Recently, Governor Cuomo of New York State signed a law into effect that allows an abortion to be conducted well into the third trimester. Human trafficking is now more lucrative than the illegal drug and/or weapons industry. And civility among world leaders is often M.I.A. as they try to find common ground among the contending issues. Overall, the legacy of mankind is not pleasant. It is filled with war and unrest. Yes, the world needs a solution!

In Bill’s most recent Biblical News Update & Commentary, he attempts to address just what that solution is and the urgency that is now upon us. He also “warns” us that, based on specific prophecies, additional wars are coming and, in particular, to the United States and many of the Western nations.

But, regardless of just how serious and sobering our future may be, there is a great hope because there is a real promised solution that is coming, which was prophesied to occur thousands of years ago. Bill explores these scriptures that are particular to those promises that confirm mankind will not self-destruct, but rather be saved from global suicide. 

Take a few moments to hear about this encouraging message God’s Word has for all of humanity!