Biblical News Updates

Looking Into the Future

In this most recent Biblical News Update and Commentary, Bill redresses some of the topics covered in a previous program titled “Nationalism versus Globalism.” He thought it might be helpful due to some of the comments that seemed to take issue with the content of that program. So, in this edition of Biblical News Update and Commentary, he takes some time to “re-comb and review” a few points for clarifying some information based from some of the comments we received.

It’s quite interesting and does go into some additional detail not previously covered that will provide a broader understanding of this subject, which is becoming more distinctly apparent in the world we live in. The Globalist movement is still very strong and is imbedded within the approach of many organizations, including many of the foundations that are owned and operated by multiple billionaires. And though Populism, a.k.a. Nationalism, is making some headway on the “geopolitical board,” Bill points out that unless the world repents and embraces Christ as Savior, we are headed for the results that are outlined in the pages of Revelation and Daniel; and those prophetic descriptions are not something anyone would want to experience.

So, take a moment to listen to Bill’s review of why Globalism is not something we should desire and of how, according to God’s Word, it will wreak havoc on the world when it takes control. And consider his reason for a sense of urgency to evangelize!