Biblical News Updates

Is the USA on the Brink?

As we begin to build toward the new election cycle of 2020, it’s become obvious the rhetoric and emotions are intensifying. In all areas of the mainstream media, together with an innumerable number of media pundits and the politicians themselves, conditions are ramping up to never-before levels of rancor and animosity. And a major reason for this is because it has now become succinctly clear there are two ideologies in conflict within the United States—a socialistic globalist agenda, which is at odds with a current populists, or nationalist movement! 

This “Make America Great Again” movement has gained a level of critical mass that has not been matched or experienced in our lifetimes. Not since the days of World War II has the United States felt this kind of committed fervor toward a common purpose to achieve this goal to “Keep America Great”—and the globalists are threatened! Presently, there are signs of desperation expressed from them making it appear there is something far more sinister to protect and keep hidden from the public view. Suspicions are high with regard to where the corruption is leading and to what horrific and grotesque extent of activities are these globalist elites involved in.

In this session of Biblical News Updates & Commentary, Bill explores some of the issues beginning to emerge, but not from the mainstream media, rather through other not-so-well-known reputable sources that are now illustrating just how relevant the voices of the prophets, Jeremiah and Amos, are to our 21st century times. Incredibly, these two prophets “nail” some of the very things that are going on today with their 2,700-year-old warnings describing similar kinds of corruption and human rights violations that many of our trusted leaders today are participating in on a worldwide scale! The depravity and crime is stunning, and God is not amused!

It’s hard to believe, but the trends that the “globalist elites” were conducting via extortion, bribery, trafficking, and fraudulent misrepresentations for the purpose of profiteering through their foundations are just shamefully unconscionable. And now, there is a political environment developing that is nurturing nationalist movements, worldwide, that are tearing at the very structure the globalists have been building for decades to achieve their “One World Order.” It’s beginning to appear there is a good chance many will be held accountable and prosecuted for their “crimes against humanity.” But will they?

Take a moment and listen to Bill’s perspective; and then start preparing for some very astonishing information and unbelievable evidence coming at us over the months ahead. It would seem there is a good chance that disclosure of a variety of nefarious activities, from breach of public trust, treason, and malfeasances to varying degrees of incredible exploitations of different types will be revealed. We hope, as Jeremiah said, that when this happens, you are the kind of person that has eyes that see and ears that hear.