Biblical News Updates

Is the USA on the Brink?

As we begin to build toward the new election cycle of 2020, it’s become obvious the rhetoric and emotions are intensifying. In all areas of the mainstream media, together with an innumerable number of media pundits and the politicians themselves, conditions are ramping up to never-before levels of rancor and animosity. And a major reason for this is because it has now become succinctly clear there are two ideologies in conflict within the United States—a socialistic globalist agenda, which is at odds with a current populists, or nationalist movement! 

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Looking Into the Future

In this most recent Biblical News Update and Commentary, Bill redresses some of the topics covered in a previous program titled “Nationalism versus Globalism.” He thought it might be helpful due to some of the comments that seemed to take issue with the content of that program. So, in this edition of Biblical News Update and Commentary, he takes some time to “re-comb and review” a few points for clarifying some information based from some of the comments we received.

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Why Christ Must Return

There are many things today that illustrate we are living in a world that seems to be unraveling. Whether in politics, religion, arts, or culture, conditions are being redefined. And many of these new perspectives are outgrowths of Identity Politics, Moral Relativism, and Post Modernism. These three trends combined with Political Correctness have “handcuffed” our 21st century times into a morass of confusion.

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